Top 10 most popular “Thai food”

Thai food is distinctive and unique. In terms of taste Ingredients and ingredients. When talking about Thailand, most foreigners tend to think of Thai food first. Because it is what they are impressed and love the taste of Thai food. Today we have 10 of the top 10 Thai food that is popular among Thai and foreigners. No matter where you enter a restaurant, you will definitely want to order this menu. 

1. Tom Yum

It is a very popular dish, which, if we observe in restaurants, often find hot pot tom yum at almost every table. And does everyone know that The taste of our Thai Tom Yum soup is quite unique in that it is spicy, sweet, and just the right amount of sourness. There are many types of Tom Yum. Whether it is seafood or fish, pork and more, which is not surprising that Tom Yam is the food that we think of first. Eat with rice, delicious and go together very well. 

2. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a noodle that can be eaten easily. And can be eaten in every meal The taste is unique in that the noodles are soft and are especially Pad Thai. And beans sprinkled on pad Thai Which Pad Thai with shrimp is considered a popular menu in the category of Pad Thai. 

3. Papaya Salad, Thai food

Papaya salad is a very popular food. It is unique in that it uses papaya as its main ingredient. Sliced ​​into thin strips, mixed with fermented fish sauce, lime, fish sauce, sugar, contains various ingredients such as tomatoes, nuts, enhancing the flavor and color of the papaya salad to make it even more appetizing and intense. Guaranteed, if foreigners can eat Thai papaya salad, they will definitely love each other.

4. Fried rice, Thai food

There are many types of fried rice, such as fried rice with pork, shrimp, squid, or others, which is unique in Thai fried rice, which is the main part, which is the beautiful rice grain. Has a delicious taste that is unique Cut the flavor with lemon. It is a very popular food, not allergic to other dishes 

5. Green Curry, Thai food

It is another curry that has a mellow flavor. And it is unique, the color of the curry is a light green color, but a perfect contrast with the slightly spicy flavor and go together if eaten with steamed rice.

6. Larb

Another delicious menu for a meal What cannot be lacking at all is our Laab menu, whether it is Laab Moo, Beef or Namtok, they are unique in flavor Raw materials in cooking Eat with sticky rice is the perfect combination.