The Wonderfull of the Thai Cuisine: How to Make Crab Fried Rice?

It’s crazy how the simplest of ingredients can make all the difference in the culinary world Thai Cuisine. Maybe the simplicity of the ingredients in today’s recipe is because they’re subserving. They all complement the rockstar of the plate: the crab.

From Chinese and UFABET Thai origins comes today’s recipe: Thai crab fried rice. Just by talking about it, I can swear I’m smelling the appetising aroma!

The Wonderfull of the Thai Cuisine

So, without further ado, let’s see how to make crab fried rice!

Crab Fried Rice Recipe, or Rather, Recipes

Even though the crab is the star of the plate, some other ingredients may tend to co-star Thai Cuisine. For example, you may use shrimp alongside the crab. Even if the crab is inaccessible, you can still make this plate by using imitation crab.

Imitation crab is the processed copycat of crab. It’s made of deboned fish-flesh, alongside some other ingredients and additives. Not only is it more accessible, but it’s also two times cheaper than real crab.

There are also some restaurants that are known for perfecting this plate. Of course, we’re talking about the Bonefish Grill crab fried rice. So if you don’t have the time to cook, you know where to head to get this plate. But back to the cooking. Let’s jump into our first crab meat fried rice recipe!

1.   Good Old Thai Crab Fried Rice Recipe

For this recipe, we’re going to use the Chinese cooking method known as stir-frying. This means throwing your ingredients in hot oil and stirring while you keep adding them in. The traditional utensil for stir-frying is the wok, which is the traditional Chinese pan.

2.   Imitation Crab Fried Rice Thai Recipe

This imitation crab is also known as crab sticks. If you’re a fan of sushi, you’re most likely going to love these sticks. That’s because imitation crab is one of the constituents of California rolls, plus some other types of sushi.

3.   Shrimp and Crab Fried Rice Recipe

This next recipe will need a lot of heat. The crispier the rice gets, the more delightful the plate is going to be. For this recipe, it’s better to use refrigerated rice, be it leftovers or refrigerated after cooking. The point is to get the moisture out of the rice, so it can be crispy rather than mushy.

Final Words

Crab fried rice is an easy plate to make. With minimal time and effort, you can get yourself a really delicious meal, one that has a lot of variations to it. First, there’s the traditional Thai crab fried rice recipe. You can also use imitation crab instead of real crab. Alternatively, you can add shrimp to the mix.

Finally, if you don’t have time to cook, you can most definitely opt for the Bonefish grill crab fried rice. You can get it from one of the 200-plus branches they have throughout the country.