Thai Food Dishes You Must Try I will be very regretful

Check out the top 5 Thai Food Dishes selected by CNN that you must try. If you miss it, it will be very regretful. What menu will be available? Let’s go see it.

In the view of foreigners If you come to Thailand. Which in Thailand there are many restaurants to choose from If you want to know which restaurant is delicious.

That but there will be any dishes on the menu Let’s go and see

1. Tom Yum Goong

 the number 1 famous menu in Thailand, that is famous all over the world Known among foreigners. It is available in 2 types of juice concentrate.

2. Mixed Vegetable Sour Soup

Thai food with a wide variety of flavors, both sweet, sour, and spicy all together in a bold and deliciously colorful curry. Vegetables that include carrots, cabbage.

3. Green curry

coconut milk curry, green juice with chicken, bamboo shoots, basil leaves, eggplant, served hot with steamed rice.

4.Panaeng chicken curry with coconut milk

red orange juice, add chicken cooked in sweet, juicy and spicy Top with shredded kaffir lime leaves.

5. Massaman Curry A sweet

nutty curry with nutmeg and cinnamon notes. Originated from the South It is halal food 

Kai jeow is one of the simplest Thai dishes but is a great protein-rich quick meal on the go or accompanying dish. Kai jeow is usually served on rice and served with sweet chilli sauce. Ask for “kai jeow pak” if you would like some vegetables added to your Thai omelette. If you’re new to Thailand and haven’t embraced “jok” (Thai rice soup) for breakfast, kai jeow can be a great way to start your day.

Looking for dessert? Look no further than the all-time crowd pleaser of mango and sticky rice.