5 diseases that come with “Undercooked food”

Even though human beings in the past that did not have power Undercooked food. Will start from consuming fresh meat But nowadays we have everything, including fire, gas, electricity.

We should not Undercooked food , because the medical proves that Raw food is full of pathogens, And abnormal symptoms Until the point of death.

The fun knowledge page of a cat doctor’s Facebook page, therefore, talks about the dangers of eating raw food. As per the details below.

The buffalo does not have disease, it is a great Laab.

This sentence is a sentence that many people would have heard since childhood. Which is not just a parody But it is a practical aphorism

Laab is a food that the organs of animals are minced before being made into food. Available in both Undercooked food (both really raw and roasted), raw may also be added with blood to enhance the flavor. It is eating food that has been made since ancient times in many areas of the world.

Diseases that can be transmitted from the raw meat of animals and cattle to humans. There are many diseases, including

1. Anthrax If eating this infected meat. Will become infected with anthrax in the digestive tract The symptoms of vomiting blood. Severe stomach discharge In very high cases, death can be infected with the bloodstream.

2. Encephalitis, ear off From streptococcus suis when ingested and the infection enters the body Will go up to the cortex and infect the area Causing high fever, delirium, confusion, if not treated in time.

3. Parasite Trichinosis When I said that it was a parasite, people might be passive. But when we ingest this worm

4. Gastrointestinal disease diarrhea, vomiting, some cases of blood transfusion.

5.  This tapeworm is not very scary. Skip it.