Recommended casino sites in Asia, where

Gambling in casino originated in the United States. Later, it spread until it became more popular with these gamblers. Until Macau began to pay attention to gambling in casinos and has become one of the world’s largest casino gambling centers until becoming famous as everyone knows. At the same time, England also has a thriving and highly attractive gambling center located in the heart of Manchester. Nowadays, casino gambling has become popular in America. Las Vegas and Macau

For Thai gamblers who are looking for a good casino source near Thailand, easy to travel around. Fast and inexpensive. Today we are going to present the recommend casino sites in Asia that are guaranteed by professional gamblers that are really good. Meet real standards Where will it be? Let’s start with the first casino game ufabet .

Recommended casino sites in Asia

1. Grand Lisboa Macau

Grand Lisboa is a long-established hotel with casinos sites . Located in Macau which are well known in Macau. This place is outstanding from the design of the structure of the building that is round in shape to make it eye-catching. And there are lights around with spectacular colors that fascinate the eyes very much at night. Which anyone who sees it can’t help but have to take pictures for sure In addition. When entering the building There will be several floors and the different zones will be clearly separate. The ground floor will be a large casino. The atmosphere is still very traditional of a casino because there is only Chinese language. Which is quite difficult for gamblers who can’t translate Chinese. and there are many restaurants The upper floor will be the luxury room zone. With 430 rooms, it is consider as one of Macau’s most attractive entertainment centers.

2. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an onsite casino . luxury resort Located at Marina Bay Singapore. It is very famous in Singapore and around the world. And is the world’s leading casino as well. Because this is a source of entertainment that has everything. Both shopping centers, sky gardens, viewpoints and luxury casinos all in one place. The highlight of the casino here is that up to 500 tables and 1600 slot machines are available to visiting gamblers from around the world. 

But there is an important rule for anyone to enter this casino must follow, namely for foreigners. Must be 21 years of age or older. Everyone is required to dress modestly, photography is prohibit. And smoking is only permit in designated areas other than casino games. That can be play to the fullest. There is also a point for tourists to see the view called Sands Skypark at the top of the building decorated in the shape of a boat. At the top there is a garden and a sky pool that can see the Singapore city in 360 degrees as well.

3. The Venetian Macau

If to say the name of a famous casino The world’s top level will have to think of The Venetian Macau casinos first. Because this casino entertainment has no gambler who will not know. It can be said that it is another dream casino of Asian gamblers that has it all. Because it has been dubbed as The largest casino in Asia And the 6th largest in the world. This casino is located in Macau, China, a tourist attraction with tourists from all over the world to visit uninterruptedly within the casino game.

This hotel has rooms. Sources of brand-name products and restaurants, totaling approximately 980,000 square meters, 40 floors high, with a construction budget of up to $2.4 billion. As for the area for the casino, there are up to 50,700 square meters, divided into 4 major zones: Golden Fish Zone, Imperial House Zone, Red Dragon Zone and Phoenix Zone. Many gambling games, including more than 3,400 slot machines and 900 gambling tables, as well as a large hall that accommodates visitors to the event. And special competitions such as organizing a special boxing match basketball matches, etc., with seats up to 15, 000 seats ever Another standout here is that. 

The decoration of the building is in Italian style. with a simulation of Venice city ​​of rivers. And there are gondola boats waiting to serve you as if you were actually traveling in Italy. Creating an interesting atmosphere that should not be missed.

4. Holiday Palace Casino Resort

It is the first standard casino built in Poipet. Cambodia Within this place, there will be a wide variety of gambling game machines, including game machines, roulette, baccarat, Player Pair, Banker Pair, Hi-Lo, slots, etc. It is said that it is no less interesting than casino games in Europe and America ever.

5. MGM Grand Macau

MGM Grand Macau is another famous casino in Macau and around the world, no less than The Venetian Macau and City of Dreams. It has a total area of ​​221,952 square feet and a total construction budget of 1.25 billion. us dollar It is also a project to build MGM Resorts International from Las vegas as well. And a large golden lion statue is featured at the front entrance. In terms of gambling games, there are many as well. by inside the casino There will be up to 385 gambling tables and slot machines, as well as 16 private gambling venues designed to serve VIP customers. There is also a restaurant zone. Shopping center, sports club and more than 600 rooms can be said that everything is fully serviced and is a casino game. One of the top places in Asia that you shouldn’t miss out on.