food menus, can be made by yourself during work from home

The coronavirus (COVID-19) poisoning makes us work at home (Work from Home) to help stop the infection for the nation. And when you have to stay at home for a long time like this With food that is beneficial Thairath Online therefore would like to bring you 30 easy-to-make dishes at home.  

30 simple dishes to cook at home, condo, dorm

Food is an important source of energy. Especially breakfast is a matter that should not be overlooked. If you have Work from Home at home, you should not ignore the breakfast before you start working. If you are not getting enough food, your body will not get enough energy. 

Let’s start from the first 10 group menu for those who are not good at cooking. But want the simplicity and convenience, which is a simple breakfast of many people or a menu that needs speed But if you want a little more nutrition, you have to add vegetables and meat to keep your body healthy every day. Let’s see what are the top 10?

1. Omelet

It is the easiest food. Use only equipment, a pan. After the heat is set and noticed the oil is boiling, pour the egg into it. Should add minced meat from the time of beating, including shrimp, pork, chicken, sprinkled vegetables to enhance the beauty of the face like spring onion. Onion, sliced Or spicy chili sauce, this menu is easiest to make, no more than 5 minutes to eat.

2. poached eggs

Steamed eggs are very easy to cook and can be stewe in a microwave or in an electric rice cooker.

3. Boiled eggs

Hard boiled eggs are difficult to control when the yolk is cooked or not cooked.