5 food industry trend you should know To adapt in 2021

The food industry trend of 2021 may be one that we’ve seen signs before, plant food, personalization, immunity and sustainability.

The year 2020 was a brutal year from the COVID-19, forcing us to adjust so much that the word new normal became a hit. Eating and shopping habits are not the same anymore. A number of market research firms have gathered data to predict the upcoming 2021 food and beverage trends and we hope the food industry will turn bright again.

Transparency calls confidence

Transparency is a trend for 2021 because it conveys a code of food industry trend conduct. Environmentally friendly and clean label of the product. These are what consumers are looking for during this time and after the COVID-19 epidemic is over.

Strong plant food does not stop dragging.

The plant food trend has become a global phenomenon. And it is a trend that continues to expand across regions and will intervene in a wide variety of foods, the Innova Consumer Survey reveals four main reasons why plant-based options are becoming more popular: health, diversity, sustainability. 

Individuality is the ultimate

Personalized nutrition is in the interest of consumers who want to find the food and beverage that best fits their lifestyle. They want to see the products that are the most satisfying.

Immunity and health should not be ignore.

The concern of the COVID-19 epidemic has made consumers even more conscious of the immune system. And will be a trend that continues until 2021, of course, the Innova Consumer Survey found that consumers around the world are looking Increased immune-boosting foods and drinks, with one in three concerns about an increase in immunity from 2019.