16 popular western food recipes Create delicious food

Western food recipes with a variety of menu to choose from.

All of a sudden, a special person wants to eat Western food, but because he is too lazy to queue to eat at the restaurant. The housewife is kind, therefore, arranges them to eat at home. The dot com jar offers a selection of popular Western recipes, including steaks, spaghetti, lasagna, soup, and mashed potatoes. Follow along and taste it together.

1. Fried Fish Steak with Tartar Sauce

Let’s heat up the pan, prepare to fry the fish steak. We would like to present you how to make Fried Fish Steak with Tartar Sauce.

Fried Fish Steak Ingredients (for 6-8 servings)

  • 4 large piecess of doryfish
  • Ground salt and pepper.
  • crispy fried dough ( for dipping fish)
  • eggs, beaten enough to break
  • breadcrumbs
  • cheese

Tartar saurce ingredients

  • onion
  • salt powder
  • salad cream
  • chopped parslesy

How to make tartar sauce

1. Mix the onion and salt together. Leave it to let the big perfume come out and squeeze it dry
     2. Pour salad cream into food bowl. Followed by onions Chopped parsley, pickled cucumber and hard boiled egg yolk Squeeze a little lemon. Stir together well prepared.

How to make Fried Fish Steak

1. Wash Dory fish thoroughly. Take it to absorb water and let it air dry. Then season with salt and ground pepper. Marinate and leave it for a while.
     2. Dip the marinated fish into the crispy batter. Followed by dipping eggs thoroughly. Finally, mix it in breadcrumbs.