popular steak menu Delicious, soft, filling, homemade

Holiday invites the gang at home to make a popular steak menu. Protein-tight guava recipes No need to go through traffic jam You don’t have to queue up to buy at a popular store because you can cook at home easily

From where ever to eat a steak menu, western recipes,  According to the Steak shop Sukhumvit Steak shop Sathorn Or Steak shop Nonthaburi Even though it’s delicious, one dish is hundreds. 

If you cook it yourself, it would be more worthwhile. A jar of dotcom offers you the popular methods of making popular steaks such as pork steak, chicken steak, fish steak, meat steak, etc. Or to fall with anything, you can adjust it as you like.

Black Pork Tartar Stea

Want to try it? Ask your mind. Black Pork Tartar Steak Menu Catch the diced raw black pork marinated in a special sauce. Served with a drip of black garlic sauce, orange gel and chili sauce.

Black Pepper Pork Steak

 If eating at noon, really full until late for the black pepper pork steak menu Grab the pork on the bone marinated with black pepper sauce. Served with fragrant garlic butter fried rice and salad.

Pork Chop with Orange Salad

Once you have to try the Pork Chop with Orange Salad. The highlight is the pork chop fermented with orange juice and zest. When finished baking or grilling, it is topped with orange sauce. How wonderful the taste will be, let’s do it.

Sweet and Sour Pork Chop

Another steak dish that the kids can definitely eat is the Pork Chop with Orange Salad. Mix the pork chop with breadcrumbs and fry until crispy, topped with sweet and sour sauce with vegetables and fruits.