European international dishes Unique identity!

European international dishes, today, we would like to pamper foodies with a menu of each country of Europe that is unique in each country and most importantly delicious. We challenge you to try it when you visit these countries. Some menus may be easy to find in Thailand, but I recommend you to try the real local craftsmanship to feel more emotional.

European international dishes

Cheese Fondue, Switzerland Cheese Fondue

food that is suitable for many people to eat together, is the symbol of Switzerland. With Gruyere and Emmenthalert melted, garlic, white wine and kirch, served in a fondue pot with candles or a stick of alcohol. Heat the butter so it doesn’t harden. use dry bread cut into small cubes Dip in butter and eat with pickled onions and pickles.

Foie Gras, France Foie gras,

Also known as foie gras or duck, is especially fattening. It is soft, creamy and has a different flavor than the liver of a normal duck or goose. Foie gras is a very famous dish. Good in delicate taste, combined with French culinary skill, it makes the taste indescribable in words, you must try it yourself.

Lasagna, Italy Lasagna,

A famous Italian dish. popular to eat around the world mellow taste fragrant and delicious together soft dough sheet with various delicious sauces Chewy Cheese It’s delicious and goes well together. until it is popular with diners around the world.

Currywurst, Germany Currywurst

Sausages with Curry Powder Sauce Famous food of Germany If anyone has a chance to visit, I can tell you that you should not miss it Especially in Berlin it will be very popular. It’s a grilled sausage topped with ketchup and mustard. sprinkle with curry powder eat with fries Or is it bread that can be eaten in general?

Seafood Paella, Spain

When you come to Spain, you must not miss Paella, also known simply as Spanish Fried Rice. It is a dish that is fried in a large flat pan. Stuffed with seafood Most of the ingredients focus on chopped tomatoes, onions, thyme leaves, bell peppers. Yellow fried rice is arrange with seafood, shrimp, shellfish, crab, and fish. Saw and swallowed saliva almost immediately.

Knedlik, Czech Knedlik

It is a food that has a rather strong smell, looks like a bun, when eaten, it is cut into glasses and served with sweet cream or eaten with Hungarian goulash. I can’t stand the smell of Knedliki, so I can eat it with beer.