10 Russian dishes you should try while you’re there!

Opened and drooled, because today Mushroom Travel will take you to know the delicious things at Russian.

with 10 Russian dishes that should be tasted! Now, tourists are starting to turn their attention to Russia more. And the cost of living is not very high Plus you don’t need a visa if you stay for less than 30 days and it’s easy to go, not as scary as anyone thought.

But… What do Russian people eat? Will it be the same as in the west? So what should I eat? Will the food taste be palatable? Ah, don’t worry, let’s take a look at 10 Russian dishes we recommend first. How tasty to taste it

1. Borsch / Borscht

See the red broth of this Russian dish, don’t just imagine it is fresh blood, it’s beetroot and cabbage soup. It is served with potatoes, dill and smetana (Russian sour cream), sometimes with meat. With a side dish of rye bread Or garlic bread topped with cheese. Uhh, ohh, so delicious! Moscow residents usually enjoy this soup to warm up their stomachs on cold days.

2. Russian pancakes

Russian food is blini or Russian pancake. Main dish of Moscow residents It is a thin French crepe. Made from buckwheat flour For the spicy topping Or made from white flour for a sweet topping There are many kinds of toppings to choose from such as smoked salmon, caviar, mushrooms, sour cream, jam, condensed milk, and another Russian pancake. In the form of cottage cheese called Syrniki, it is a thick pancake. ricotta-pancakes Which westerners prefer to eat for breakfast or dessert.

3. Russian salad

This Russian dish is Russian salad, I think everyone has seen it. In many western restaurants, this dish is also included.

4. Smoked salmon or salted herring