Counter Confidential Extra Crispy

Before heading for a night out, a quick trip to your beauty counter is an easy way to freshen up your look. Artists are more than happy to touch up your makeup, or even spruce up your mane with a few soft curls.

Hot tools such as curlers, straighteners, and blow-dryers are all left out at my counter for clients to use freely.  These hot tools come with a warning, and we always advise our customers to ask for assistance.

One of our regulars is a beyond gorgeous platinum blonde. It’s her flaxen locks that captivate me most—the kind of golden tint that you know isn’t real, but looks stunning anyway. She always wears high heels (like her Amazonian stems need it!) and sports ufabet flawless makeup. It’s hard to not to admire her every time she enters the store.

Long and full, her tresses are teased to the tee every day. I’ve never seen her with flat hair, and I have to say I’m sometimes a bit jealous. But after a horrible hair counter accident, my envy vanished.

She came in before a fancy night out to freshen up her lipstick and hair, and seemed a bit rushed. The flat iron was already plugged in, but she cranked it up to the highest setting to save straightening time. One of my co-workers asked if she needed a comb or heat protectant. She declined in her hurried state.

Her impatience was a grave mistake. As soon as she stuck her tangles between the two blades, things started to sizzle. The stench of burnt rubber hit my nose immediately, and when she tried to pull her hair free, nothing budged.

I could see her panic. But by the time I came over her help, she pulled with all her might. SNAP! A huge chunk of her extensions came out, and burned bits of her real hair lay broken on the floor.

If you have chemically treated hair or extensions, it’s always best to ask your stylist for advice about proper care. Tread lightly with hot tools, and think twice before a new treatment or technique. When it comes to hair, it’s better to take your time and be safe than sorry—or accidentally rip out $400 extensions!