Vietnamese Egg Coffee, a simple coffee with a perfect aroma

Vietnamese Egg Coffee, coffee born of poverty to the uniqueness of the nation

Vietnamese egg coffee, coffee and egg that originated during Indochina War Milk is extremely rare in Vietnam, so in 1946 a bartender at Hanoi’s Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel developed a coffee that uses Soft-boiled eggs instead of milk

The person who invented this menu is Nguyen Van Giang . So successful that Owner of this menu idea go out to open a shop Own it as Cafe Giang to reach more people.

Later, uncooked eggs were used mixed with coffee, so it was raw egg coffee or fresh egg coffee, but the original had to be soft-boiled eggs.

continuous development makes the taste of this menu more and more perfect

This menu is even more widespread. When there is a device like Blenders came in. In the 1980s, this traditional drink It is becoming more and more popular even now. will be popular all over the world There are many baristas. that led this menu to develop own Currently, the restaurant Café Giang still turned on by your son Van Giang ‘s Tri Hoa was operating.

“I’m quite open-minded. By imitating this menu by other people, it’s part of the business world. Many people can have the same product and develop it for their own. For me, I’m confident in my secret ingredient. that makes my coffee It’s original.”

if anyone has a chance Do not forget to try to find Vietnamese egg coffee. Let’s drink. It’s an experience. It’s a new way of drinking coffee.