Essential Eating: 4 Foods of Asia

So instead I will just share my Top 4 Foods of Asia. The Must-Eats that every person should try when travelling in these parts of the world. And if you missed any on past visits then you have to go back. Note, I know this is a longer post than my foods, so I’ve added in a fancy looking eBook over there.

01. CHILLI CRAB in Singapore

Stir-fried crab in a tomato based, sweet, savoury and slightly hot chilli sauce. Break into its claws with crab crackers and suck at the flesh. The popular crab choice in Singapore is the mud crab but expect all sorts of shapes and sizes. While having lost its lustre of late the chilli Crab will always be a must-eat when in Singapore.

02. CURRY FEAST in Sri Lanka

Laced with chunks of cinnamon, curry leaves and other local spices, a curry feast on the Island of Spice is not to be missed. In Sri Lanka curries rarely come served alone and are often matched with sides (condiments) of bean curry, cabbage curry, dhal curry… all sorts of curry. Eat with rice, spicy sambals and popadoms.

03. NOODLE SOUPS in China

I find an exciting new world of noodle soups in China with meaty toppings and fascinating local flavours. Some of the more memorable bowls include toppings of sausage or even chicken drumsticks and flavourings of pickled long-bean and mouth numbing Sichuan peppercorns. Variations can be endless us.

04. DIM SUM in Hong Kong

Bite-sized dumplings, steam cooked and served as either an appetizer or together as a feast. Dim Sum dumplings come with various flavours and fillings and are traditionally served in bamboo steaming baskets. In Hong Kong ‘Yum Cha’ is an eating experience hard to beat where Dim Sum joins local tea tasting.