Asia Breakfast menus, hit menu

When it comes to breakfast menu What did everyone eat? For city people like us who wake up early, they have to rush to the office. So I left my life with a cup of coffee and a sandwich, and then carried my stomach and waited for lunch again, which was not a good thing. As we all know Breakfast menu is an important meal.

1. Thailand

Starting the first country,  Thailand, of course, our staple food is rice, some houses may be porridge with pork, congee, or if you are in a hurry, coffee, sandwiches, khanom krok, or a glass of patong go with soy sauce. The house with little children or school-age children It may be a cornflake with milk.

2. Myanmar (Burma)

traditional breakfast Tianma country or Burma, is fried rice with boiled beans and green tea. Mohinga (mee vermicelli in fish broth) is also found in abundance.

3. China

Chinese      breakfasts vary by region. except for Hong Kong and Taiwan where breakfast is quite western style. for the northern part of China Breakfast is usually Steamed Buns with Meat or Vegetables with tea or soy milk in the central and eastern Breakfast includes soup, fried tofu, noodles, porridge, rice with salted egg and pickles. (Take it hard here)

4. India

India Bharata has a wide variety of breakfasts. But generally eat puffed rice with milk. And the popular one in each household is Luchi, simply called Roti and Indian-style curry.

5. Japan

Japanese breakfast In ancient times, the people of the raw fish town would eat mainly rice. with seafood and a side dish of pickled vegetables such as pickled cucumbers, etc. Also indispensable is miso soup. In addition, the breakfast of Japanese people is Leftovers from yesterday’s dinner