6 dishes of ASEAN that you should not miss

Dishes of ASEAN “So tired, take a break” is a familiar idea of ​​working people in this era. But no matter where you travel If you want to travel to your heart’s content, you have to go to the area as well. Not only can you go to popular places in that country, but you have to experience the culture from art, living, and eating in a local style. Even if it’s really called coming to that country, our country’s

ASEAN region is known for its food that is not inferior to any other zone in the world as well. that we should not miss

1. National dish of Thailand – Tom Yam Goong, dishes of ASEAN

A menu of ASEAN with 3 mellow flavors ranging from spicy, sour and slightly salty, combined with river prawns and curries that come complete with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, adding to the attractiveness and spiciness of the face as well. Which this menu has to choose from both clear and succulent water and thick water to taste.

2. National dish of Cambodia – Amok

Amok, an ASEAN dish in Cambodia It is a dish made from fresh fish that is boiled with curry paste and coconut milk and then steamed to be cooked again. The appearance is similar to the Homok of Thailand. As for the fish used, it will be fish that are easily found along the rivers and canals. 

3. Brunei’s national dish – Ambuyat

Ambuyat, the food of ASEAN Made from sago flour It looks like porridge or porridge. The dough itself doesn’t have any flavor, so it’s served with fruit sauce. Including other side dishes such as fresh vegetables, grilled meat, fried meat, grilled fish 

4. Myanmar’s national dish – Lahpet

Asean food menu This menu is suitable for health lovers. Ingredients and looks like Miang Kham of Thailand. The highlight of this dish is the fermented tea leaves, served with fried garlic, nuts, dried shrimps, sesame seeds, toasted coconut, which is a special dish of Myanmar. 

5. National dish of the Philippines – Adobo

Adobo is made with pork or chicken of your choice. It is marinated and seasoned with vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaf, garlic, black pepper and then baked or fried. Eat with hot steamed rice. Guarantee that you will be hooked for a long time. It’s another food of ASEAN that should not be missed.

6. National dish of Singapore – Laksa

Asean food menu Singapore is similar to Tom Yum noodles. There are 2 soups to choose from. without coconut milk and coconut milk which is more popular with coconut milk Because the taste is intense and delicious.