12 auspicious menus for Chinese New Year 2022 with great meaning

During this year’s Chinese New Year 2022  , we’ve got some good and lucky dishes to serve everyone to be rich, yes! I didn’t hear wrong. Because this time ufabet, we will take everyone to try 12 auspicious dishes for the Chinese New Year. With good meaning, but what menu will there be? Chinese New Year 2022 Follow us to see.

1. Fried Hong Kong Mee, Fried Mee Sua

  The highlight of this menu is Mee Sua, a selection of quality rice noodles. soft Stir-fried and mix with fragrant curry powder and multi-colored vegetables for a mellow flavor.

     by the menu, Hong Kong Pad Mee, Pad Mee Sua means longevity Due to the length of the vermicelli noodles, it is believed that eating them will increase their longevity. Colorful vegetables are rich in vitamins. And it also helps to make your skin good as well.

2. Taro Krathong

 It consists of 5 main auspicious ingredients, namely Chinese jujube, ginkgo, water chestnuts, cashew nuts and shiitake mushrooms. There is also a mixture of chicken and shrimp that are fully cooked and fried with a special sauce. Served in an auspicious taro krathong that is deep fried until crispy.

     This dish is believed to bring good luck and good luck when eaten. Eating ginkgo also symbolizes longevity. in various ingredients also rich in vitamins help against free radicals and help nourish the brain as well

3. Steamed mackerel with plum gum

   Steamed fish menu. Selected fresh fish. Appetizing size. Topped with special plum kumquat sauce Eat while cooking to keep the delicious taste

     by this menu means abundance Therefore, fish dishes are suitable for eating during Chinese New Year. Because in addition to being a good source of protein, easy to digest, it is also a good source of fat. There are essential amino acids for the body as well.

4. Chicken soaked in liquor

   Authentic Shanghai style Chinese food. Selected good quality chicken marinated with Chinese liquor aged 3 years, which the liquor will seep into the meat. It adds a delicious, mellow flavor to the food. and has a delicate fragrance in every word to eat

     by this menu means Career advancement, rank, position, elegance are protein-rich dishes. and also contain tryptophan that can fight depression

5. Roast Duck

 For this menu, quality ducks are selected. Marinated with special spices Grill with adequate heat This makes the duck skin have a crispy texture. For roasted duck or “Yiang-A”, the auspicious food of the Chinese people. And it is one of the menu “Sasae” or 3 important types of meat used to pay homage to the gods.

     which means abundance various abilities pure love This menu is also rich in potassium to stimulate the excretion of sodium from the body. It is useful for patients with high blood pressure as well.