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10 clean dessert recipes to make a New Year

10 clean dessert recipes to make a New Year

It’s free! How to make clean dessert Various styles are not boring. There are both pastries and pastries. And healthy drink recipes Perfect as a New Year’s gift idea for someone important. If anyone gets it, they must like it. Approaching New Year 2021 , then who made the candy clean as a gift for

western food recipes, Salmon Steak very delicious food

western food recipes, Salmon Steak very delicious food

Anyone who doesn’t want to eat fried fish steak, then come and make grilled fish steak. Find a Salmon Steak recipe from  13 Destinations, a member of website.  Grilling fish fillets in the pan until cooked. Served with white sauce, mashed potatoes and blanched vegetables of your choice.

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16 popular western food recipes Create delicious food

Western food recipes with a variety of menu to choose from. All of a sudden, a special person wants to eat Western food, but because he is too lazy to queue to eat at the restaurant. The housewife is kind, therefore, arranges them to eat at home. The dot com jar offers

food menus, can be made by yourself during work from home

The coronavirus (COVID-19) poisoning makes us work at home (Work from Home) to help stop the infection for the nation. And when you have to stay at home for a long time like this With food that is beneficial Thairath Online therefore would like to bring you 30

Yum pla duk fu recipes, Thai food, delicious

Yum pla duk fu recipes, Thai food, delicious

Thai food menu “ Yum Pla Duk Fu ” is guaranteed to be delicious until you speak. Catfish meat fried until golden crisp. Mixed with spicy chopped mango salad Combined with the aroma of fried peanuts perfectly. Therefore, it is popular among many people who like spicy and spicy food. Today

"Isaan sausage", the most delicious flavor Along

“Isaan sausage”, the most delicious flavor Along

Thai food recipes, Isan food, Isaan  sausage  – Many people who like to eat grilled sausages on a regular basis. But not confident in the cleanliness of the shop or some shops do not taste well Put too much pork fat until it’s greasy. Would it be better if we

Top 10 most popular "Thai food"

Top 10 most popular “Thai food”

Thai food is distinctive and unique. In terms of taste Ingredients and ingredients. When talking about Thailand, most foreigners tend to think of Thai food first. Because it is what they are impressed and love the taste of Thai food. Today we have 10 of the top 10 Thai

How to eat “seafoods” safely during “COVID-19”

During this period, although new outbreaks of cattle wid -19 is the origin of the seafoods market. But not always seafood is dangerous at the risk of COVID-19 .  Health has a sure way to eat that is safe for the body. Most seafood must be refrigerated or frozen in

7 taboos not to do “After meals” for good health

After meals full of each meal There are several contraindications that should not or should be avoid. The negative impact on health and this is something that should be avoid after the 7 day diet. Don’t smoke right away Smoking is usually no good for your health.  Because of

popular steak menu Delicious, soft, filling, homemade

Holiday invites the gang at home to make a popular steak menu. Protein-tight guava recipes No need to go through traffic jam You don’t have to queue up to buy at a popular store because you can cook at home easily From where ever to eat a steak menu, western