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When talking about European countries ufabet, many of you would think of ancient sights, architecture, culture and history. That are unique to each locality Waiting for tourists to experience new things. And one more thing that cannot live without When traveling to European countries Is to taste a great dish

Recipes: “Rui Suan Noodles” very delicious.

Easy snacks to eat, but the taste is delicious. This “Rui Suan Noodles” is considered to be a healthy food.  Because it contains a lot of vegetables There are many herbs in the sauce. Low in fat and high in dietary fiber for light meals for dinner. Why are you

Recipes for baked spinach in clay pot, a diet menu

Did you know that ” spinach” that the cartoon character Popeye likes to eat? There are many benefits anyway.  Both help maintain eyesight Nourishes bones and teeth Contains dietary fiber to help with bowel movements Reduce the risk of heart disease. Help maintain blood It also helps with appetite as well. Today the

Giveaway American Fried Rice Recipes Delicious

“American Fried Rice” is a Thai food called Western dish. May be difficult to locate But is another one dish recipe that tastes mellow and delicious And it hits the children’s mouth quite a bit if your children like it. So this holiday, let’s try to make the kids eat

Recipe: Salted Snakehead Fish With burning delicious sauce

“Salted snakehead fish” is a food that does not have much seasoning. The process is not much. Just ask them to choose the freshest snakehead fish. This menu is also delicious and satisfying everyone’s taste. Today the admin took a recipe with a cool dipping sauce to come and see.

5 food industry trends you should know To adapt in 2021

5 food industry trend you should know To adapt in 2021

The food industry trend of 2021 may be one that we’ve seen signs before, plant food, personalization, immunity and sustainability. The year 2020 was a brutal year from the COVID-19, forcing us to adjust so much that the word new normal became a hit. Eating

10 Russian dishes you should try while you’re there!

Opened and drooled, because today Mushroom Travel will take you to know the delicious things at Russian. with 10 Russian dishes that should be tasted! Now, tourists are starting to turn their attention to Russia more. And the cost of living is not very high Plus you don’t

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Thai Food Dishes You Must Try I will be very regretful

Check out the top 5 Thai Food Dishes selected by CNN that you must try. If you miss it, it will be very regretful. What menu will be available? Let’s go see it. In the view of foreigners If you come to Thailand. Which in Thailand there are many

CNN's 5 Most Delicious Foods From Around The World

CNN’s 5 Most Delicious Foods From Around The World

Today, Obideri takes a look at “5 Most Delicious Foods in the World Popularity Ranking”. “Sai Kiat” who likes to patrol and eat various kinds of food must not miss this post!  1. Rendang, Indonesia is spicy food. Cooked with meat It is the food of the Minangkabau people

10 traditional American foods you have to try

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of it.  “American foods” is classics like burgers, fried chicken, hot dogs and pancakes. Like so many things in America, Food has influences elsewhere, such as German, English, Italian, Dutch, French and Caribbean. Buffalo Chicken