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"This scenario is flawed for two reasons:"

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You have to grab my hips to keep me from moving as I naturally press forward from your thrust. She squealed Thw rode me harder, and I exclaimed I was gonna cum. "Yeah I know, I'm David.

"We'll see, worm!" exclaimed Morgoth, as he uncorked the fist-sized vial of elixir.

Sexy big-tit French secretary is caught masturbating at work

She says "I love you. When I realized that Mr. hey……. totally weak and on the verge of fainting. OH FUK!!. None of them would even notice me anyways. I looked up at him when Tne finished tying my shoe and wasn't surprised to see him ever so slightly rubbing his crotch. I could only stare for a second as I tried to imagine how big soujd would be fully erect " holy shit I don't know that I can handle all that " was all I could think to say reaching down he began rubbing the top of my head "sure you can you'll be great " was his reply as his other hand began rubbing his cock.

I could taste cum on her lips and found myself pushing my tongue into her mouth to taste more. " With that, I cut the bitch's throat, and sucked on it as the crimson leaked out into my mouth. The next morning I was woken just before the dawn broke the bright sky and I was rushed off to the baths, I was bathed, scrubbed and massaged till I wanted to fall asleep, I was allowed to rest for a short time then I was off to my training.

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Zulkilar 11 months ago
Sadly I have been predicting the same thing ever since the last election night. Trump may be an amoral conman with dreams of being a dictator, but enough people will fall for the con to give him a second term. Plus, he can always use the Venezuela strategy. The worse things get in the US the more he will blame outside forces for the problems and say he's the only one who can deal with them. Xenophobia plays well among his ignorant base. He has, and after the election this fall will still have, enough support in Congress to make impeachment impossible. He will kill the Muller investigation, and if necessary pardon anyone and everyone that may have been implicated. The Democrats have no one that can go toe to toe with Trump. The US is ****ed.
Jum 11 months ago
I was just thinking that. How has MeToo gone too far?
Mijinn 11 months ago
I like George Fox's revelation that you can't understand scripture except in the light of the Holy Spirit.
Morg 11 months ago
I do not care if a delusional man thinks that he is really a woman. In most cases, it is most certainly just autogynephilia.
JoJorg 11 months ago
It's such a refreshing moment when you reach into your bra and pull your boobs back into place
Doulkree 11 months ago
?I?m in my pyjamas.
Kagazilkree 11 months ago
I think this idea of yours is very selfish. You think God is a fantasy.
Moogulrajas 11 months ago
I know a few people who very much give a shit. I have a feeling that we disagree on what the kitchen table issues are
Takazahn 10 months ago
Nobility. Inbreeding indicates the opposite of mobility.
Dak 10 months ago
Talk about what? Also no.
Meztitaur 10 months ago
Lets suppose I don't accept that evolution by natural selection is the most probable explanation of the variety of life on earth. So there are billions upon billions of other possibilities, what makes you think that the one presented by a book written by unverified and unknown authors during a time when very little was understood about how the natural world works. How do you jump from its not evolution to it must the christian god?
Kajikazahn 10 months ago
You support the clown cabal.
Daimi 10 months ago
C'mon Lefty....You know Doug is for people and letting business conduct business and go out and hire people and you also know that the Liberals are all about creating administration and legal blah blah so their millionaire lawyer friends and developers get their cut....Doug is going to relocate the money from the richest Ontarians to the rest of us.
Grorg 9 months ago
Huuummm. The Republicans control everything and the debt is ballooning. Why do Democrat Presidents seem to always clean up a Republican presidents fiscal mess?
Goltikazahn 9 months ago
Does he even age?!
Vilrajas 9 months ago
The verse says 'God took him' it does not say to Heaven.
Nejora 9 months ago
Not at all.
Shakajora 8 months ago
You're just not a very punny guy wannabebond.
Juhn 8 months ago
Ok- I realise that both the Bible and Koran are a pile of bullshit.
Grozil 8 months ago
I hope Mr. Ford makes the next couple of years of union contract negotiations the most difficult in history, and I hope he breaks them all.

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