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"Inquisition-an ecclesiastical tribunal established by Pope Gregory IX c. 1232 for the suppression of heresy. It was active chiefly in northern Italy and southern France, becoming notorious for the use of torture. In 1542 the papal Inquisition was re-established to combat Protestantism, eventually becoming an organ of papal government."

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" "Well, if you're happy living here, I'm happy for you. And Ted looks at you and says "no, that isn't all I got" he stands up and undoes your ropes and as he is undoing them he leans in and whispers "I think I nuude need an assistant teacher" your eyes widen and you smile.

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The woman asked who I was I told her I'm CJ Lisa's friend. "Do you have anything to say before I begin?" you add. We had been camp counselors that summer and had flirted quite a bit.

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Vushicage 11 months ago
You don't get to define the religious beliefs of others. BTW the baker has no problem serving gay customers, he just refused to make a cake celebrating a same sex marriage for anyone gay or straight.
Shakarisar 11 months ago
Ypunhave very little knowlegde of the bible at all. You have the supposed wise men at the manger scene. Thwy weren't there at all.,if you and your religion dont even get that simple truth right how would i expect you to get a linguistic point correct? Get the pagan astromoners who werent their out of you pagan manger scene then we can talk more deeper meat of Gods word. Cast off your false manmaid traditions and learn alittle koine greek.
Marisar 10 months ago
18000 comments and they?re all some variation of lame ... not cool. I can?t imagine what it?s like to be so limited.... that means lame, or not cool.
Fenrimi 10 months ago
Every news article you have ever posted barely even mentions the issues you seem to have a problem with.
JoJozahn 10 months ago
I think Kim's going to wipe his ass on Trump's give-aways because it's all about ratings for Trump. He needs this to work at any COST because November is right around the corner. It will be expensive too.
Jucage 10 months ago
Most of us agree. On the major points. And the nature of God.And if we don?t it?s fair to question the experience.
Kigasida 10 months ago
It's nice to give people a choice. "-)
Tek 9 months ago
Here's your answer: because they are *married*, they should have the very same benefits as any other *married* couple.
Dagul 9 months ago
The Law was for the Jews.
Bajora 9 months ago
Because good education is challenging enough without mixing culture and fact.
Zule 9 months ago
If you are happy w/chaos it hasn't. Enjoy the ride, not sure where it ends?
Vudocage 9 months ago
No. Just feeling lazy.
Taukus 8 months ago
Yeah, you're a slack jawed yokel. Of course we run in different crowds. You're the bumpkin that everyone laughs at. The total embarrassment of America. We make characters of people like you on television to laugh at. The beautiful fact is there are more people like me than than you. No one aims to be a lowlife redneck. Thats why we let you dig our ditches. You're welcome.
Julmaran 8 months ago
What do we do with the people buying snacks or beer during the NA? DO we refund their money and send them away?
Faushakar 8 months ago
I work for an LGBTQ company. One of the people I work with is a gay black drag queen Christian minister. Each denomination is different. Technically, Judaism and Islam are harder on homosexuality than Christianity. Their laws call for the death penalty for gays. It's why Saudi Arabia and Iran say they have no gays. And yet, there are still gay Muslims, Jews, etc. Everyone's beliefs are different.
Kar 8 months ago
not an oversight I know the audience...
Akirn 8 months ago
"We know that a god doesn't exist. If one existed surely he invented this virus to torture his human toys."
Akinozshura 8 months ago
Yes that is the "Read only" section of Disqus. Posting or commenting is at your own risk.
Bagor 7 months ago
The Left uses that all the time. If a person does not agree with its agenda, he is often deemed as having some kind of emotional disorder or problem.
Mosar 7 months ago
Republican double standard.
Shaktilmaran 7 months ago
Fire up those ovens boys!
Dilar 7 months ago
You're not a parent, clearly, and have had no experience with how gender identity is expressed and develops in preschoolers, pre-adolescents and adolescents. You should not make such definitive statements about topics with which you're so unfamiliar.
Feshura 7 months ago
So, I think this channel is losing a lot of theistic voices lately...
Zolokree 7 months ago
Explain your definition of abuse. Because I'm thinking I abused my kids by making them stay with grandma for a couple days.
Kajigore 6 months ago
Nope. Perfect Happiness
Vugami 6 months ago
You didn't even bother addressing my point. God plays favorites.
Shagar 6 months ago
I hate that breaded crappy fried okra they have in restaurants.

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