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"Since Boudica was the last woman to lead a revolution against tyranny, I suspect you're correct. The history of mankind is the history of a man with an ax standing at the gate of the property. As much as you and Sarah Silverman might wish it were different, it isn't."

nerds world - Scene 1

Carter. "Once we recover, we can take a shower and then go for a dip in the pool.

nerds world - Scene 1

John would then wait until they got into bed to try to get some, which also worked rarely. aur fir usne unhe mere sath dekha to fir usne kuchh logo se pucha ki ye log kaun hai to fir uske kuchh dosto ne use bataya ki ye sameer ke dost hai …… isliye shayad usne mujhe us time marne ka plan badal diya….

He started out created as a second class being, only to become the second-in-command of the entire world. She succeeded. aisa kareeb 2 year tak chala. gils, I think this is the start of something the world will never forget.

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Shakora 1 year ago
If your question is about people believing stuff because they do not want the truth, I agree with Nietzsche
Shasida 1 year ago
I think I will be too. His total removal from reality is boring.
Zulkigal 1 year ago
That is the message. Knowledge is bad and makes God angry..
Zulkizshura 1 year ago
How would the overall result be beneficial? What's so wrong with having a free market?
Arajinn 1 year ago
How does blindly following a corrupt leader line up with the US constitution?
Megis 1 year ago
I the smell of snowflakes melting in the summer time, smells like victory.
Naramar 1 year ago
If I had insulted you in any way I apologize I was legitimately asking your sources just for reference sake and trying to create a dialogue for a conversation maybe I come off a little too forward or direct but I have no sir that I am in no fashion a troll the comments and opinions I described are sincere and find no joy in arguments but I do enjoy a healthy debate and or discussion just because I question your the legitimacy of what you said does not mean I mean any direct disrespect towards you I just like being straightforward making him off as rude but you know how people are not just on this website but many others and I just like knowing where their facts come from when having a conversation with someone
Mikale 1 year ago
True, yet my words were for people of 'discernment', which is a hard find. "Use discernment the reader", and "how do you read?"
Shaktizilkree 1 year ago
sad T, if that's all you're going to say you'd be better off not saying anything at all. kiss your mama with those manners?
Mooguran 1 year ago
Yep a makeup team. I mean she has to pay those people
Kajilkree 1 year ago
In Russell's heyday the idea of a teapot in interplanetary orbit was a bit out there. He could've gone for an elephant orbiting the central black hole in Andromeda, but the relative familiarity of Mars would've been lost. ;)
Vijora 1 year ago
I tried that with the didn't end well for me.
Yogis 1 year ago
Ma'am yes ma'am!! No more bloody undies.
Mazugrel 1 year ago
Front and center usually is where most of the sex occurs. Unless you're into feet, maybe.
Nikok 11 months ago
Can you choose not to be asexual? I mean not the act of sex, but the desire, can you just choose to find people sexuality attractive?
Kasar 11 months ago
Nothing like "lying for Jesus", eh? This ought to be the featured comment.
Malaramar 11 months ago
Well if that's the case I hold them just as responsible as him
Zolole 11 months ago
They took my idea!
Zulucage 10 months ago
I don't know if that's really true. And I don't know that it isn't odd, either. And difficult to grasp? Eh...I dunno...
Felkree 10 months ago
You need to cut out the ad hominem nonsense suggesting I don't know what a straw man is. I have not misrepresented anyone's views. The comment was not redundant or off topic , nor did I state I thought that you think such a flood is impossible. That is the mind reading fallacy.
Mezikree 10 months ago
Scholars also believe the book of Genesis was written by multiple authors based on different writing styles and vocabulary used throughout it.

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