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Dougore 1 year ago
I wish that I could block trolls.
Gugar 1 year ago
I also find no reason to believe the Jerusalem council did not occur and it is there, that we see the rift between Greek and Jewish Christianities
Dairg 1 year ago
I'm happy for the hostages that got freed. As for the conference being cancelled..this is how talking with NK works. Its like dealing with a toddler going through constant temper tantrums. To have one conference, you are going to have to schedule it six times.
Garn 1 year ago
and in that time you have the ottomans rise to take the north africa to persia to vienna at their high-water. it's a history that is every bit as complex and rich as europe's and cannot be boiled down to a couple events, and nor can their religion be similarly reduced to evil and incompatible with the modern world.
Fetaur 1 year ago
It says Wednesday, is that right?
Akinogis 1 year ago
Lol weren't two of them at the wedding?
Daisho 1 year ago
You havent won back those seats... so the past is now the present... derp
Domuro 1 year ago
"moreover of the children of the strangers.. of them shall ye buy.."
Sakus 1 year ago
Well, it?s more of a uterus thing than a vagina thing. And more of a paws on than a paws off thing, to keep the metaphors straight.
Felrajas 1 year ago
No, it doesn't do that. He still as to serve everyone equally. He can't refuse someone because his religion said so.
Melrajas 1 year ago
Please provide evidence that blacks vote as a block. Or Chinese. Or Sri Lankans........
Gasho 1 year ago
Oh c'mon sleepy, you sell yourself short.
Dutilar 1 year ago
Don't worry - I am wrong a lot.
Natilar 1 year ago
Public school districts may be obligated to provide busing for private religious school students, because this is considered a right belonging to the child, rather than to the private religious institution.
Tojanos 11 months ago
"read so good". That's a more relevant example of your level of education.
Dosar 11 months ago
Good for you, but sadly fundamentalism often does more harm in Jesus' name than good. I'm guessing you're a young earth, flat earther?
Akinozahn 11 months ago
Who said he didn't have rights?
Nikojind 11 months ago
More like the old bird...
Kigaktilar 11 months ago
hehe I love funny quotes. These came from off the net and I found no credits for them:
Nakree 11 months ago
Agreements were made to be changed. You may have liked taking it in the shorts when Obama rammed it home but most real Americans want a level playing field.
Dojind 10 months ago
The problem with the OP is that is mixes statistics about atheists generally with comments about organized atheism. This causes confusion. If you want your subject to deal only with organized atheism, leave all the stats out of it unless you can prove that they apply to organized atheism.
Tasho 10 months ago
It's that three strikes baloney the cons insisted on. Some guy in California got life for shoplifting a golf club (after serving time on two previous serious felonies.)
Zuluzahn 10 months ago
KCN sounds like a better choice.
Durn 10 months ago
TRY to be objective and realistic.
Kazahn 10 months ago
OldSundance. "No one" ?? Generalizing - Personal Attack - Insult.
Negis 9 months ago
The Canadian Conservatives used to be a very decent party. Sure there were some questions about Mulroney, but there were also questions about Chretien. Both loved Canada and were at least Canadian nationalists.
Shaktilabar 9 months ago
Here's the weird thing: It's okay to discriminate against someone in many states for being an A's fan. Or for preferring Star Trek over Star Wars. Or liking peonies rather than daffodils. Liking country music instead of big band. Most people would say it's unfair, a bit power hungry and controlling and likely has nothing to do with however the discrimination was being expressed. But it is usually legal nonetheless.
Akilar 9 months ago
It was culturally Christian and functionally a reflection of their worldview
Megis 9 months ago
Talk about what? Also no.
Kalabar 9 months ago
That made me laugh! You're right!! :-)
Brale 8 months ago
They tried to do a streaming service, but they were too late.
Shaktiktilar 8 months ago
Aye believed and got me evidence!
Kazranris 8 months ago
Science can explain it. Not determine it for you.

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