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"No, they are filing counter charges to put Mueller on the hot seat."

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Tell me what happened!" I had to hear it from him. He is firm, strong and very Dominate. "I have a treat for you, Jack", she whispered in my ear as she opened my belt. " Janet said grabbing the bottle of lubrication and a pack of condoms.

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She was wearing a black push up Bra that really displayed her beautiful breasts. I tried to keep myself from trying to meet up with her again, but every 2 or 3 days I could not resist visiting our "shack" hoping to meet her.

" I let her go from my arms and she laid back on the bed on her back. He laid on his back and Eve began humping him. " "You're the one that's always writing about loving more than one person at a time. Lisa poked her head out of her room and said "Oh yeah.

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Sanris 11 months ago
Well hey, you Christians and your prophecies are so variable it is not even funny. I cannot tell just how many times I have survived the end of the world predicted by Christian prophets, but you say to give it a test? Ok.
Kesar 11 months ago
I would have asked her in private. Made it just for her and I. Make it special. Maybe a full moonlite night at the oceans edge.
Voodooktilar 11 months ago
["We don't know why we exist or why we are here."]
Doutaur 11 months ago
"Try your line of reasoning in a courtroom. Say a man says to the judge, ?I have the desire for expensive stuff and I hate working, I can?t help this desire and that?s why I stole the car.? Do you think the judge will give the thief a pass? I think not."
Mikamuro 10 months ago
If he creates the "heavens and the earth" they exist. If the earth is "formless" and "void", it STILL exists BECAUSE it just said was created "in the beginning." So CONTEXT demands a different meaning than 'non-existent'. It then, contextually, goes on to describe what is to be DONE with what IS THERE that is to be NOTHING like it's former state and condition.
Voran 10 months ago
"More dodging questions...."
Akirr 10 months ago
By far the most commonly asserted argument of the absurd by atheists is the "lacker" argument, followed closely by the claim one cannot prove a negative, and near this is the assertion that they have no burden of proof in entering the conversation about a given god's existence. In fact, these three claims form an often unstated meta-argument which amounts to the idea that they are right by definition, which is as fallacious as any argument offered by theists.
Kakinos 10 months ago
And what is the motivation for cannibalism within these societies? Harm to others or...?
Meztizragore 10 months ago
You're all gonna die, then. Too bad.
Zuramar 10 months ago
Do what abort?
Faujora 10 months ago
Sunk cost fallacy. They see holding a belief as an investment. Admitting to an error would mean loosing the investment.
Mezilabar 10 months ago
hard to convince closed minds.
Grom 9 months ago
"Whether the woman chooses abortion or not, she is responsible for her actions."
Kagara 9 months ago
You are not allow to have a Bible there, either, much less thump one the way you like to.
Akirg 9 months ago
Ford won?t get away with it.
Tezragore 9 months ago
No this is totally the right attitude and people pass up on good people all the time
Dukora 9 months ago
In this book Herodotus texts are also mentioned, together with others' philosophers statements. I do not recall right now in which chapter I read it, but I am sure it is as I said. Besides I found this in internet that supports my point. I cannot remember everything exactly from which book and chapter or verse I read it!
Goltikus 9 months ago
And his mother was Caucasian.
Tak 8 months ago
Prove a soul exists. Wow you made a claim.
Taugor 8 months ago
DNA is not a computer program.
Tausar 8 months ago
I understand your train of thought. The world in that time will be celestial. 1000 years in Earths Solar system of counting is equal to 1 day in heaven. So the 1000 year reign is 1 day in Heaven. GOD tells us time and time again that we shall be led into "all truth" when the Son of Man comes. This reveals that "all truth" is not found the bible. Therefore, it is the Son of Man that shall make it plain, and he has. The 1000 year reign happens when the earth has transfigured. And only those that also transfigured will be there, including those that are resurrected in the first resurrection.
Negore 8 months ago
Your definition of "sane" and "insane" would capture a lot more people as mentally ill than a psychiatrist's definition. For example: some people perceive Cilantro as tasting like soap. It doesn't. So we conclude they are insane? They are imagining a perfectly delicious herb tastes like soap!
Akinoll 8 months ago
3. Kiwis, because I am one.
Jubei 7 months ago
Another appeal to Devine Authority
Gajas 7 months ago
Denying the existence of a jesus person from 2000 years ago is a waste of time. We can deny existence the jesus born of a virgin, the resurrected jesus, the magical jesus, if you like, but not the historical jesus.
Yoshicage 7 months ago
Why don't you get your people to contact my people and they can arrange a meeting
Mooguzshura 7 months ago
That is a falsehood, too.
Shaktigal 7 months ago
Yes well in the absence of a deity I can say whatever I want to be true.
Sajar 6 months ago
Words aren't meaningless....unless they contradict the fluffy bunny view you have of your god. The words in the bible clearly define him as evil incarnate.
Munris 6 months ago
Well they are safer for the baby than abortion. However, I think it?s a wig. Either way, don?t judge.
Moogurn 6 months ago
It's nice he greeted religious people.

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