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"I actually only have one person on my block list and I don't think they post on this forum."

Thick Sista Rides His Thick White Shaft

It literally was the worst taste to ever fill my mouth yet all I wanted was more. Sliding up and down her thighs passing her lips and sending out a vibe as his tongue licks her clit mlvies she shudders against her lover, as he does his one job pleasure.

I buried my cock balls deep in her pussy.

Thick Sista Rides His Thick White Shaft

That's usually what we would end up doing. As I licked away he slowly pushed out a small lump of shit, no bigger than a piece of chocolate and I swallowed it without much chewing, it was so nasty. Jamie had gotten into good habits when working on porn.

Both of us just set slumped for a few minutes trying to catch our breaths finally he set up a bit straighter " looks like we both won tonight you got your cherry busted I got a new bitch. " After fucking her some more her moans of pleasure start to get to me and I feel the great tingling sensation, I tell her "I'm GONNA CUM!" Just then I shoot my hot load into her.

She wore a tight red tank top and black skinny jeans with black boots, her long black hair left loose down her back. The vile semen must have entered her bloodstream, as her once moon-colored skin was now grayish-black, and covered in glowing blood red runes.

Then she closed her lips on it and sucked like she was sucking on a straw.

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Megore 9 months ago
Violent murderers do tend to have criminal records even when they come from a foreign country. That's why its important to vet immigrants before allowing them into the country. Conversely, citizens get punished for murder by imprisonment or a death sentence. Derp.
Daizragore 9 months ago
Ali has said more than once that white men are evil. Not racist?
Zushura 9 months ago
Racist against tall girls. jk
Akiramar 9 months ago
Great thread you started. Hope the appointment goes well.
Gami 8 months ago
So you are just trying to force your moral judgements about how you think people should behave on others .. That is the very opposite of supporting freedom and liberty isn't it ?
Zologul 8 months ago
Houston/Boston would have been entertaining.
Malaran 8 months ago
Letters are not the only way for one thing to
Mikaran 8 months ago
As a professional linguist, Cambridge is my dictionary of choice due to its thorough definitions. It's not at all random.
Tebei 8 months ago
Would that be the same set of values that caused Catholics and Huguenots to go on killing spree in Europe?
Gardashicage 8 months ago
Lol. I mostly have taken note of it's complete inanity.
Taushakar 8 months ago
His "invisible qualities" are NOT "clearly seen". I see nature. I see the universe. I see animals and trees and mountains and lakes.
Mikasar 8 months ago
Completed trust? Can you explain that? Because if that means what I think it does, then I don't have faith in anything.
Vudogar 8 months ago
I have not denied the deity of Christ. He is deity, born by power God's Holy Spirit, only-begotten of the virgin Mary, filled with God's spirit, and filled to the full with what God has for all who are called and chosen to be sons of God.
Kajit 7 months ago
Or lack of.
Kazralar 7 months ago
They are actively trying to shut down PRB.
Gukus 7 months ago
witch !!! :) LOL!!!
Taugore 7 months ago
"anyone who actually looks into the history of Christianity is quickly disabused of the truth of that religion also"
Shat 7 months ago
The earth is dying.
Damuro 7 months ago
The left has already erupted into violence a few times ..
Mozshura 6 months ago
I would say it has the quality of self-referential incoherence, but it would be incoherent for such to exist, and non-existent things can have no qualities. :P
Grosar 6 months ago
While I'm not a believer, I wouldn't subscribe to the Jesus is back with each new believer theory. Bible seems pretty clear it's a particular being. And given I don't believe, I can only go so far down the rabbit hole. Jews don't think he's ever showed up in the first place. There have been many messiah claimants over the centuries. The Branch Davidians thought he was in Waco in the form of David Koresh.
Arashizuru 6 months ago
So you are saying you don't believe in souls? You denied Jesus. What kind of theist are you?
Kazrale 6 months ago
Speaking of "critical thinking",... "I know you are, but what am I", does not normally cut it.
Barn 6 months ago
I don't think you have beliefs, but rather knee-jerk reactions. Your science is bad and your theology abysmal. Only worse is your history.
Vulmaran 6 months ago
This. I am trying to be nice but what?
Zulugami 5 months ago
That's also from the New Testament Apocrypha (the books that didn't make it into the canon of scripture). I can't recall which one details this. It also names Mary's parents as Anna & Joachim.
Dizahn 5 months ago
OMG..THANKS Class.. I know what I'm doing later on.
Groll 5 months ago
Their culture informs and shapes their own agency, just like everyone's does.
Aragor 5 months ago
Old precedent is still precedent until something overturns it. So far nothing has.
Kigar 5 months ago
Today is a good day for the Right.
Kihn 5 months ago
It seems like we spend most of our lives at the intersection of faith and fear;
Akinoktilar 5 months ago
If you feel you've done everything you can in this relationship then it's time to end it. But marriage is supposed to be difficult and long suffering anyway. Only you know the answer to this question nobody can tell you what to do.
Doukus 5 months ago
It will be better after Thursday. At least you're back to see Seabiscuit go down in flames.
Vilmaran 4 months ago
Nope. Sexual orientation is a biological multivariate based in genetics, epigenetics, hormonal baths in utero, neuronal plasticity, neuroanatomy, etc. This has been explained to you many times. Is there a reason you lack the ability to comprehend this?

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