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"apparently. this response will serve as proof thereof."


Foolish little sluts. "Do you have anything to say before I begin?" you add. fir maine uska kurta aur thoda upar kiya…. John just loved the look on the womans face as the big black cock was being pushed up her.


Once she came, John laid next to her, looking at her as she recovered from the powerful orgasm. A smile crosses your face as you come near. She sat on her bed while I stood over her and held my prick to her face.

" (Booze talking) I tell her I love her to then she say "no you don't its ok though. My name is Alexi. "Fuck baby YEAH!" I yelled as I slowed to a stop and tried to catch my breath "Oh god baby I can feel every drop in my pussy" She said as she reached down to her fucked hole and hoffmna a big gob of jizz on her finger and brought it to her mouth.

Janet was Robsrt kissing me but I slowly moved away and turned around to David. My girlfriend and I had broken up for stupid reasons that couldn't be fixed and I was just in a woman-needing mood.

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Doujind 11 months ago
I am with you on that.
Viramar 11 months ago
I'm running away. Who's coming with me?
Sagami 11 months ago
Slavery is sanctified by Islam. If you claim it's not religious, does it mean you don't consider Islam to be a religion?
Zulutilar 11 months ago
Where have you been? Congress has been responsible since the Constitution was enabled.
Kar 11 months ago
The ones that don't know this seem to be the ones that aren't fans. The same ones that do the typical "What aboutism" aka: Deflection
Mezikree 11 months ago
It's weird, very weird, that the Dems wanted their stuff back from this IT guy, but that they didn't want any law enforcement involved in the process. Very strange indeed!
Vizilkree 11 months ago
where does it say that hell is eternal?
Gorisar 10 months ago
I don?t understand how you can claim that it?s ridiculous to claim pro choice is the opposite of pro life (anti life), but at the same time claim that pro life must be the opposite of pro choice (anti choice).
Dilabar 10 months ago
A guaranteed liveable income tax?
Nekazahn 10 months ago
Nature does call Nature "God"
Shaktishicage 10 months ago
In the future, say what you mean. Articulate communication is important, especially when discussing these kinds of ideas. Don't think in a sloppy manner. Don't write in a sloppy manner. You may find you receive a lot fewer comments pointing out your sloppiness, and this could help you avoid the mental numbness with which you are afflicted.
JoJogul 10 months ago
Where you even born the last time a Democrat who served in the military was President?
Mazulkree 10 months ago
No child is born a theist. Otherwise you would have random kids born to christian parents in Tulsa spontaneously believing in Amma. You'd have kids born to muslim parents in Saudi Arabia spontaneously believing in Thor.
Tygojas 9 months ago
What determines "
Nektilar 9 months ago
for those who will believe, Amen!
Bakinos 9 months ago
I think that Jesus spending his time with people that society has rejected, is a really great example.
Sajin 9 months ago
What evidence do you need to conclude that anything contingent must have a cause for its existence? What do you think contingent means?
Mora 9 months ago
Lol nothing is going to stop Trump's agenda. All the craziness might delay it but it won't be stopped because it comes from much Higher than him.
Shaktiran 9 months ago
So you are saying God had no events before becoming a Creator? Are not His thoughts, events?
Juran 8 months ago
So would we all. The fact is, its NOT continuing. Gradualism and natural selection are not the way any longer. had to have stopped or it never was the way.
Tygorg 8 months ago
I agree. But I think a lot of it is that we have decided that suffering and separation are Bad and Shouldn't Exist. Personally, I'd rather not suffer. I'd rather not lose my loved ones. At the same time, I'm not sure that is evidence of an entity called Evil.
Mooguzahn 8 months ago
And the fact is, the push to make them 'productive' has actually gone so far in one direction, that many coming out of academia are actually quite unproductive, as they've spent their entire young lives focused on theory and given little to no time focused on application.
Meztijora 8 months ago
This one is so weird. It's one of the atomic clocks. This other coworker went to pick it up and hit a button or something. Lost time and date. You're supposed to be able to manually set it, but nothing worked yesterday.
Zugul 8 months ago
OK, let's both do that then... deal?
Taum 7 months ago
Yes. But they weren't god knowing they could just bring them to heaven

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