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"I blame liberals for coming up with the absurd "hate crime" and obama for perpetuating it."

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We fuck hard and we take all we want; but if you trust us, you'll find it pleasurable too. You blurt out "what the fuck Ted. She stepped back.

It might even dull the senses of someone on the power lebian of a Valar. Whether it be dry cleaning, taking care of my car, or anything else I want.

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Vuhn 1 year ago
Nope. I am not a "decent human being. I am a God and Live to create a better Life for my Family and all humans. And that include you too. As normally the relationships in a Forum is only based on debating skills. Now much more is introduced. Family. And if you look over at my OP on Wisdom We bring in a better ordering system. Based on Love. With Wisdom ordering it.
Dujinn 1 year ago
I would say that you are very "selective" about which Liberal things you criticize and less selective about what you choose to overlook.
Meztishicage 1 year ago
and our own country and the white only businesses? why would we ever want to relive that shame as a country?
Arakasa 1 year ago
No. One has to assert exactly who they are talking about.
Narg 1 year ago
Gun control advocates are big fans of slogans like "NOT ONE MORE!!!" and proposing gun laws that literally can't prevent a single mass murder.
Fenrishakar 1 year ago
Please! We can't teach all of the religions in public schools. The kids only have a certain amount of time. Again, teach this stuff at home or in your church. Or, send your kids to a Christian school.
Groll 1 year ago
"If we are to have separation of church and state, should high school science teachers be allowed to ridicule Christianity, for example, in class, or are they required to be neutral toward religion?"
Bagrel 1 year ago
Okay, so you looked up a few stats to justify your anger and racism. Racism is not about statistics, bubba. Its an irrational view of people of another race. Statistics change all the time. There are plenty of explanations for the stats you gave. But they are beyond your comprehension, because you don't live in our skin or our community. Those things are necessary to develop a real frame of reference for the subject at hand.
Kagaramar 1 year ago
Are you a fool for staying around trying to make it work? I dunno - are you? Why does your husband think you won't leave - the kids? The money? You've been married forever and you are afraid to be on your own? A lot of woman sacrifice their own self-esteem in the name of "being with someone" because it's easier to have someone else shoulder the weight of raising children and maintaining a home; plus, they've never really been on their own before, or haven't in a long long time, and they're scared witless of that.
Dugor 1 year ago
"Pretty much everything that could be said about Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting booted from a restaurant because she works for Donald Trump has probably already been said."

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