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899 06:241 year ago

"like all bigots of this nature they can probably only tell based on looks alone... a lot of gay ppl don't look like the stereotypes that these types of ppl tend to see."

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Candy really didn't care if the company went under or not, at twenty-nine she was set for life; between what she was able to extort from her new boss, along with what she had been able to steal from the company ever since becoming the VP in charge of accounting meant she would never have to work again.

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Kigarisar 1 year ago
I was referring specifically to his "Change My Mind" series where he gives anyone a chance to persuade him. This series is a change from his earlier approach which I didn't particularly care for. Naturally, just as in real life, he gets the occasional extremist. However, I have seen him have exchanges with a variety of individuals in which both parties came across as respectful and enr gaging in an intelligent conversation. More often than not, the conversation ends with no change in opinion on either side, but you do get to hear more than one side of an issue which is far better than seeing two parties yelling at each other.
Shadal 1 year ago
True...I suggest the minority, if not a feeble, apathetic bunch lacking intestinal fortitude, selectively blind by choice in the most ardently denied self serving ways...but I digress. IF HER boyfriend is of the ilk you describe...THAT should be made clear/patently apparent based on his reaction to being apprised of what occurred...coupled with whether or not this involves a group of decent actors or sociopaths. lol
Mezitilar 1 year ago
At least for the 200,000 years though, where is gradualism seen? It's not.
Golrajas 1 year ago
No...she claims it happened other than by gradualism and natural selection. She claims its by hgt symbiosis, sentient bacteria...large network of transfer , a bush no tree.
Bajas 1 year ago
Sorry. I don't believe you.
Kagazil 1 year ago
I do not.
Fecage 1 year ago
You must of used a pogo stick to make that big of a leap...
Maujas 1 year ago
True. And he rarely makes an appearance on the NoPo. But I am supposed to set a good example. I am the official AA Party Pooper. Well. Mebbe. ??
Duran 1 year ago
Hummingbird milk and virgin cloud milkshakes! ???????? im dead!
Arashikazahn 11 months ago
They came here basically as refugee's and many died building our railroads and were hard working people. Most of American's are immigrants and if you go all over America you will find certain cities that were formed by groups of immigrants. The difference is that they are Americans not Irish Americans, German Americans, etc. This has gone out the window because liberals have used immigration to enlarge their voter base and most these days don't want to assimilate and that is the problem.
Kakasa 11 months ago
Family & friends. Things unfolding here just as I was warned by some wise old people that I once discounted. They lived under and escaped that system and watched Canada?s freedoms slowly start to erode, with all kinds of government controls and regulations.
Faedal 11 months ago
Well it look lke the Stanley Cup is ours next year PG.Sorry Leaf fans!!!
Shaktizilkree 11 months ago
Every firstborn not in a household doing an odd domestic ritual with animal blood.
Fenribei 11 months ago
See as a Native American? That is what Christians used against us to justify their genocides against us in the name of their religion. Matter of fact? Christians said we were actually worth less than their slaves and their dogs. So YOU may not be able to understand what it is like to have this said about YOU, but I damn well sure do.
Kazrataur 11 months ago
What their son did is irrelevant to the discussion. We are discussing the disgraceful way in which his father sullied his good name by dragging it into politics.
Kagajinn 10 months ago
I love it when people that have nothing of value to say, say nothing of value and then crow that they are superior. Like the little dog, yapping away at the big dog through the fence, then prancing away like they actually did something. Little dog syndrome is what I call it.
Jugis 10 months ago
Without totalitarianism (which isnt a desirable outcome) conformity - especially concerning a measure of ecology that has a direct impact financially on people, businesses, and governments.... is the only real and tenable solution. Expending the remaining petro resources, moving north, and living underground remain viable options. ;)
Kigazil 10 months ago
Scuba diving is better than skydiving because if something goes wrong I can swim better than I can fly.
Tacage 10 months ago
I certainly agree that ?none? is not the same as ?atheist.? However, the figures you quoted
Dulrajas 10 months ago
Not very much that is factual apparently.
Matilar 10 months ago
And such is the fodder of great science fiction works. :)
Kigacage 10 months ago
And over diagnosed.
Tagis 9 months ago
except things like love can be scientifically measured so your analogy fails.
Akinoktilar 9 months ago
me? don't really care. I have no dog in the fight but I DO want accuracy.
Kerr 9 months ago
Biblically speaking, of course the elements existed - from "the beginning." The "land" earth was there all the time under water until some extraordinary events started taking place. Kilauea is doing it now, and it's been going on for a mighty long time. Mountains still "grow" and "settle."
Durg 9 months ago
By taking away constitutional rights?
Dim 9 months ago
Were on the same boat Yvonne! I always tip toe around abortion debates because I get women should have the option to choose but personally I thank God I've never been in that situation because it's not something I think I could go through.
Durn 9 months ago
That's just ego identification - all kids have it in various ways. If it weren't in religion it would be something else, eg. "I'm cooler", "I'm smarter", "I'm prettier" - a stage of ego development, well known to developmental psychologists. It intensifies around 14-15 to a new level too.
Malaramar 8 months ago
If you believe the Bible is telling the truth, you don't know history.
Juzuru 8 months ago
sadly I saw that somewhere else. I liked it.
Vutaxe 8 months ago
He declined to offer a public service that he freely offers to the public, but not to gay people.
Sakinos 8 months ago
Thanks Steve. I plan on reading some of these epistles. It will help me understand this a little more.
Kagalkis 8 months ago
Your 03 Corolla will still be going when these electric pcs of shit are being re-cycled into new Teslas
Faurr 8 months ago
You have to be happy with yourself and screw everyone else.
Durr 7 months ago
Thanks, very interesting. Yeah it's highly improbable anyway you look at it.

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