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714 13:111 year ago

"Your theology is so far removed from rational theology or Bible-based theology as to make dialogue here pointless. Seek help from any of several excellent apologetics sites."

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Now, I'm just driving home, but I already know the perfect girl to be my next victim. Lisa with her date me and Taylor.

DaneJones Young blonde cutie rides her man, lovely tits bouncing

He creeps upward right before he reaches her sweet wet center. my balls we already soaked. It's been dormant for fucking years now.

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Kagashicage 1 year ago
"Then stop asking about a criminal record before an application is reviewed."
Vizuru 1 year ago
also when the person was 16 when you started seeing them
Zulukazahn 1 year ago
My feeling is that we should look at this like an old movie. We can comment about what that movie means in it's time and how that meaning has changed, but any judgment needs to be with an understanding of it's time.
Neramar 1 year ago
Genesis 1. Genesis 2.
Faezilkree 1 year ago
Thank you, Rose! I'll follow you, if that's OK and try to contribute if I can help.
Daizragore 1 year ago
Because the otherside of the world already had that connection. We do not deny the creator and our teachings are just. I don't need middle men to show me the way home while acting as gate keepers to what they often disregard for earthly desires.
Kitaxe 1 year ago
So everyone knows where our resident "lawyer" gets her definitions and legal code from...
Voodoojinn 1 year ago
Good point. Maybe I need to rethink things...LOL. I'm missing out on some coin.
Tauzil 1 year ago
Don't forget gift giving!
Muktilar 1 year ago
Also not true. God encourages us to ask questions and accepts our doubt. It is when you ask questions and wait for God, not Satan, to answer, that Satan's lies grow root in your mind until you are no longer able to discern truth from fiction.

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