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"You had me to the last line."

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oh………oh……. I loved the feel of Taylor's tongue on my neck with every shot she had me wanting her so bad.

Monica Santhiago - Queen of Taking Hard Cock

Her breasts were beautiful. You feel an orgasm build in your balls as I beg to cum. "Please, Chris, I want you to make love to me, I want you to be my first. Let me tell you about me, I'm 23, slim, toned and pretty.

Mrs. He cleaned his face trying to go as fast as he can. As he began to pump faster I could feel my own rock hard cock slapping against my stomach.

I landed on my back and she started slapping my face. I nodded meekly. " (I had heard of an older sister but they never talked to her she lived a good 3 hours away and rumored to have a drug problem) I said Hi.

She helped me with my bags and we both walked inside. fir kai din tak mujhe gabbar nahi dikha aur na ab uske call aate the…. He produced some kind of little tool bag and set it on my lower back.

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Kigajas 1 year ago
So we must have equal respect for everyone who is female or identifys as such. So its ok to have as much respect for a homicidal puppy slaughtering porn star as Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters anyone. Make sense to me.
Kazikazahn 1 year ago
but the question you were asked had nothing to do with religion or Jesus. He simply asked, can you not see a benefit to a story that teaches a lesson?
Akile 1 year ago
Johan, I appreciate your zeal. I was just like you for many, many years. But one thing you need to learn is that we dont have to have all the answers to non believers questions. Christians today need to listen without judgement, and love without condition. Then and only then will you be doing what God expects of us. ???????
Yozuru 1 year ago
Praise be, brother.
Gocage 1 year ago
Finding the right daycare is always a challenge. Thanks for the Joan Jett throwback, reminds me of MTV in the 80s.
Nikocage 1 year ago
that's more descriptive than prescriptive. the inconsistent spectrum of interpretation among christianity and its sects sometimes make it difficult to establish a baseline for a conversation. pointing that out, with the implied varied interpretation of an infallible text are only a couple of bricks in the wall of issues surrounding the bible and christianity. i think that's what the OP is driving at, in not so few words.
Malagor 1 year ago
nah, it doen't hurt my faith one milligram.
Yozshujin 1 year ago
Noooooooo. I STILL play D&D. My tiny little town actually has a gaming store.
Kigak 1 year ago
Blocking; the last resort of the defeated!
Kik 1 year ago
You realize we?ve been on here for 5 hours? I need to get up and get some things done. To be honest, I?d like to go back to sleep
Taulkis 1 year ago
LOL Newcastle? May your daughter's find the heart to furfll thier wishes.
Maular 1 year ago
We choose an objective standard, because a subjective standard leads equally to superstition as to gods.
JoJokus 1 year ago
Absolutely. Religion is based on the Santa premise, spread out long-term. If you are a good boy for all of advent, then a magical being will bring you the toy you desire for Christmas.
Shadal 1 year ago
Good point. And that point is proven by the fact that theists have never in history cheated on their spouses or stolen the wife of someone else.
Moogumi 1 year ago
I seem to remember one lunch counter seat was pretty representative of the public good. And those lunch counters in the south were making a good living, while discriminating, so stuff your idea he wouldn't be in business long. Other bigots will keep him afloat. The question is, should his rights trump the public good? No, they should not.
Kalkis 1 year ago
It's easiest persuade the people closest to you, unfortunately. Bannon basically positioned the site that way.
Zugrel 1 year ago
Wow 3 days and not one answer from the Christianists.
Gazuru 1 year ago
Huh? This is about archaeology.
Gaktilar 1 year ago
My hope is that some of the traits I've listed would lead people to develop that sort of thinking. That was kind of my aim; to think of traits that, if exercised, result in gaining other desirable traits as well. Hence curiosity, skepticism, self-confidence, etc.

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