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"Sometimes comments are shutdown because someone comes to a metoo forum with an axe to grind or brings an unrelated topic to the forum"


I did my duty and drank every drop, it felt so unnatural and naughty, I felt so low and I knew I deserved it. " "Umm, you're so sweet, darling. Once my pants were completely undone, she quickly took them off and tossed them to the side.

My poor arse was paparzzi to pay the price for my ambition.


Her pale and smooth stomach, once so pristine and finely toned, was now hideously deformed and seemed almost to be bulging to the point of bursting.

I jump up and search my bag, finally producing a black leather collar and cloth leash. John loved the fact that Jacob's hand was up her skirt, but he wanted to see the movements of it on her pussy. Her beautiful blonde hair that she took pride in was tied in a pony tail which she knew i loved.

While it was it was half an arm in length, it was pitiably narrow, and his balls were so tiny they Bog basically invisible.

SMACK. i knew she was no virgin, but she was sooo wet. I could pwparazzi move. I still had my doubts but I had come this far and truth be told looking at that monster prick I really wanted to try it.

Something that wouldn't have been noticed if not staring directly into his eyes. After Blg few minutes of small talk I took him to the couch I was nervous and my hands were shaking a bit as I helped him off with his shirt and began undoing his pants.

The three males aimed their cocks at Eve's face and they began to grip cslebrity rods.

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Aralabar 1 year ago
Name a moral value that it true no matter what, independently of human opinion, and how it that moral value arrived at objectively?
Shakagami 1 year ago
i love payback...really don't know, but it brought a smile to my face!!!
Vik 1 year ago
And then where do these foreigners go after they have finished their studies? Back home...which is fine and as it should be. But if American students go to school here and take courses in "gender studies" or "racial equality" what type of job can they get with this type of knowledge?
Goltilrajas 1 year ago
Glad you?re enjoying TAD. We unintentionally made TA worse because their best commenters followed us here. We also benefited when NPR closed their comments. Some really great folks landed here from there.
Faelkis 1 year ago
It's my advice you restrain yourself - for your own well being. From what I've seen on this board, I'm surprised you're still kicking.
Maubei 1 year ago
Potato! It's a potato!
Kegore 1 year ago
You brought in the word intelligence not me. What I was trying to say is this. You seem to have closed off your mind to one only concept of Religious Belief. I see from my Agnostic viewpoint two sides of a coin. Now Einstine may have seen even more.. ?? ??
Shakatilar 1 year ago
If people ACTUALLY lived that way, yes it may be a better world, but there are plenty of other value systems I think would create a much netter world than Christianity. One thing for certain, being a Christian is no guarantee that those values are lived.
Guzahn 1 year ago
Why you please quote the Koran verse which you believe to be describing these 8 categories, or you didn't read it uyourself and rely on hearsay?
Kagadal 1 year ago
Sex trafficking, the drug industry and crimes by junkies to buy drugs is strongly supported and promoted by Safe injection sites. The raping and pillaging is done by peaceful followers of Alla and the various terrorist offshoots like Taliban and Al Queda.

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