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448 10:021 year ago

"And maybe they knew nothing about it."

VIELLES PEAU 111 - Scene 4

" "Jerome, back off from our mate. What if I displease him with my ignorance.

VIELLES PEAU 111 - Scene 4

" The tallest of the men said as they walked closer and spread in a loose semicircle in front of her. My head fit nicely snuggled under his shoulder. I wasn't sure why she did that until by moving her hips, she pressed that part of her back to my lips and jayys loudly. We got in my aRy that I left for her and she drove us home.

I wanted to put it to her, but never found the right time. I stripped my shirt and jeans and abby went silent. After the girls got ready we left and picked up Gabby from work and then got alcohol and then the guy Lisa was talking to.

abba………. totally weak and on the verge of fainting. In a lustful trance I fucked my pussy, fucked my pussy as hard as I could until my balls exploded into her trembling hole.

I looked down and was pleased to see Jane had ripped off my remaining jayx.

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Mikaktilar 1 year ago
They improved her health index by a forced diet...
Volmaran 1 year ago
I haven?t once stated that there is any evidence for abiogenesis. That?s another lie.
Shaktidal 1 year ago
Then god is not omniscient. Because an omniscient god will know absolutely how it would play out. So again, omniscience cancel free will. If there is no god then you're certainly right. If there is a god but he doesn't know the future then you're right. If there is a god who is omniscient then free will is not possible. We are simply celestial DVD's. running our program. If my granddaughter can change her fate then again, an omniscient knew that she would do that so she didn't in fact change her fate at all. It can all give you a headache if you think about it too much. It's simply a paradox. According to Christians, Jews and Muslims god knows how it will all play out in the finest detail. So why would he even bother creating souls? Just pop them to heaven or hell when he creates them. Omniscience means a pointless universe.
Voodoolkis 1 year ago
Josephus, Tacitus, the gospels, Paul. Fact is, there?s more historical evidence for Jesus? existence than there is for almost anybody of the time.
Faekasa 1 year ago
with a long enough chain.............
Sarr 1 year ago
So are you in your own way, but with some of the logic you've exhibited in this thread it's no wonder this country is going to schit.
Zulumuro 1 year ago
The Bible does not define faith like you do. The faith in the Bible is shown to be more like trust.
Maukree 1 year ago
Or is it?
Zulutaxe 1 year ago
NO, it's not at all equivalent.
Kigajora 1 year ago
yup, you present the truth that superstitious men believed 2000 years ago
JoJor 11 months ago
This is the kind of disincentive both illegal workers and illegal employers need.
Zololl 11 months ago
"The sky, which is hard as molten looking glass" Job 38:17
Meztilabar 11 months ago
Assertive? You qualify DT 's behaviour as assertive? Quit an understatement don't you think?
Tegrel 11 months ago
Ummm. Start with.... the universe
Kazilkis 10 months ago
I think she was mad that she wasn't invited to the BBQ. Honestly, I don't get it. It pisses me off. We should have an official White Folks meeting and tell these giant douchecanoes to cut the shit, they make all white people look bad.
Kazrakazahn 10 months ago
You are the one whining about someone tarnishing your reputation and demanding an apology.
Kajimi 10 months ago
BTW, I would be very surprised if by 2168 humanity doesn't have the ability to casually tweak human genes to produce the necessary diversity to avoid the genetic bottleneck.
Mujind 10 months ago
Ever heard of evidence?
Akikora 10 months ago
No; simply contaminated DNA.
Tojakora 10 months ago
The pug was created by the Chinese. "Made in China"
Juzragore 10 months ago
Nice rooflines. Yard and Bushes need work but it is still early spring..(ish) depending where this is...
Batilar 9 months ago
I sometimes do the "because no means no" but I mostly will offer the logic behind the rule. He's so curious about why people think and feel the way they do that I feel I'm not respecting him as a human being if I don't try to help him understand.
Aram 9 months ago
I never even mentioned a god
Gojind 9 months ago
Any article that mentions Gates is suspect. He is a token black in Harvards white liberal staff. Further his is just a race baiter.
Zulkijas 9 months ago
Nope. Just a word that came to my mind. Might be "alien".
Tygolmaran 9 months ago
"A mind is a terrible thing to waste"
Kagami 9 months ago
Not trying do discount the importance of good works at all.
Nikosar 9 months ago
I'll have one of those, hold the coffee. ??
Gatilar 9 months ago
Afternoon Carb crash coming on. Maybe subway wasn't the great idea I thought it was. or maybe it was the rice crispy treats.

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