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"There are NO ethics without God."

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me- tashu mujhe tumse kuchh kehna hai… tashu- kaho kya kehna hai… me- nahi phone par nahi mai tumse milke tumse kuchh kehna chahta hu…- tashu- ok to kal mere ghar aa jao fir keh dena jo kehna hai… waise mujhe ab samajh aane laga hai ki tumhe kya kehna hai….

I reached out my right hand to him and he grabbed it tight in lld grabbed my left hand as well, pulling it out of Jerome's hair. Carter was on the phone. Your pussy is so worth the wait.

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" The woman said as she entered the living room, she must have been in the washroom when I was allowed in. She reached thirty in her count and then shook her head, she wanted to give the next person a fair shake, but she had no hope for a change. I seen her standing lost in a sea of Army uniform and unfamiliar faces, she looked so beautiful standing there.

I witj taught to dance and how to play his favorite songs. Ted says to her "You shouldn't be smiling because you aren't anywhere close to finished" she gets a quizzical look on her face and says, "What do you mean?" Ted jumps like a cat to where she is grabs a handful of her hair and jams her face into your pussy and says "What the fuck did I say about speaking when you aren't spoken to.

My sister laughed and said she didn't give a shit. I'd never seen him like that before. "Good now use the clean part of the towel to dry your saliva off of doguter. A rapist.

He gripped my hair and pulled my head back up, slapping my arse xex his other hand. Carter was aware of what his wife had planned to do, and had no problem with it. He didn't need the protection it afforded from the chill night air and she soon wouldn't either, but for now she was still fragile and though she lived now there was no guarantee that she would remain that way, not yet.

He grabbed her by the arm and took her down to the garage and told her to get into the car. The couple said they were okay with oral, but must wear a condom when having intercourse. John became aroused and looked up from the paper at Natalie, who wasn't writing her quiz, but staring at him with a mischievous look on her sexy face.

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Nikole 1 year ago
You mean the soul you can't prove exists. You mean the soul which, as you cannot prove exists, can be relegated to another chimera of religion, it's "salvation," being " a non-existent problem solved by religion. Ding one!!
Vular 1 year ago
God creates people to be gay. Nobody chooses it. Every study so far has shown this.
Kazragis 1 year ago
The intent was obviously to get as close to an actual Muslim ban as possible without making it official.
Dagal 1 year ago
Sorry if I gave you the wrong idea, I'm not against having immigration laws, nor am I for open borders.
Yozshumi 1 year ago
I don?t believe in magic and miracles. I live in a universe where I observe none of that. I also live in a universe where I see millions of people who think they witness miracles when in fact they are just being connned. Literally millions of people believe Sai Baba produces many of the same miracles Jesus did and more.
Dair 1 year ago
but, but, but it's only a theory!!! /s
Mimuro 1 year ago
and fraudulent votes were found california and other places are handing out id's, that aren't challenged at the voting much for the popular vote!!!
Shaktizilkree 1 year ago
No I don?t want to argue theology with you because you?re the Christian equivalent of the Taliban. You?ll rant and cherry pick like all fanatics do. Discarding what you don?t like.
Nabei 1 year ago
You are the one currently relating Gay Pride to a specific political agenda. I mentioned neither end of the political spectrum in my comment.
Dokazahn 1 year ago
There is a scholarly consensus on what is more probable to be authentic. Of course the higher probability only indicates that certain parts of the Gospels can be traced back to an earlier Jewish tradition and not the actual historical Jesus. The criteria for authenticity has found that about 18 % of probable authentic material in the Gospels.
Yozshushakar 1 year ago
No, it is freedom of religion. Not from.
Digal 1 year ago
Jones, we are built with a limited free will. You are saying omni voids this, but being all powerful doesn't mean you flex it. Being all places or knowing all things doesn't mean we aren't blameless for our role. Knowing the end from the beginning is just being in all places at once.
Tygokora 1 year ago
I am not just talking about LGBT people. We more often encounter racists.
Kigakora 1 year ago
At least he is consistent in his ignorance.
Yokus 1 year ago
YES! Me, too. They make it hard on the rest of us--oops, excuse my collectivism. I got carried away.
Vimuro 1 year ago
Surely doesn't help.
Gozragore 1 year ago
not a chance.
Kagashakar 1 year ago
I?m just saying if any of you come across any video footage of my younger years, send it my way. It?s the only proof I?ll have of what I looked like!
Maktilar 1 year ago
Maybe that made sense when you were thinking it...
Bagami 1 year ago
Only the most high-end yoga pants I can find. My skin doesn't touch anything that cost less than $1,000.

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