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"So holding up decapitated and bloodied look-alikes of the President as a public comic act, staging public plays assassinating look-alikes of the President as entertainment, shooting look-alikes of the President on White Boards in fully seated classrooms, Democrat politicans megaphoning that the President's staff and officials be harassed everywhere they go in public, Democrat politicans megaphoning that God is on the side of any who evict the President's staff and officials from eateries, calling for the whole of America to rise up and impeach the President, calling for the whole of America to rise up and terrorise his family, burning effigies of the President on our streets, etc. etc., are not "aiming" - yet you don't squawk about that?"

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" To be continued.

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Meztisho 1 year ago
Agreed, although I'm not sure what you mean by "silence others". Can you give an example of how others might be silenced?
Julmaran 1 year ago
making the poem the National Anthem is glorifying war and/or death.
Arashitaur 1 year ago
Igot that one LOL
Akinolmaran 1 year ago
What do you wear inside your underpants? Do we really need to know? I betcha it's made of kevlar!
Dutilar 1 year ago
Hold on - THREE feet long - l'm lost as to what we're talking about.
Shaktiktilar 1 year ago
But if your custom item was exactly like another you've made in the past, except it was for a gay couple instead of a straight one, then you have no legal argument.
Tugore 1 year ago
Question: What happened with the two wars or the Bush tax cuts that caused the deficit to increase exponentially after 2007? Answer: NOTHING. The housing bust created the recession, which created the huge deficits.
Jugami 1 year ago
"Begun", that is the key word. Our Universe is finite. Nothing finite self creates. To suggest that it did, is religion.
Tozil 1 year ago
A straight answer:
Kazragul 11 months ago
I would troll you, but I?m not a sadist. You?re too easy of a target.
Shakanris 11 months ago
I am going to post more discussions about Islam in the future
Kaganos 11 months ago
What the heck is a 2a-er?
Vibar 11 months ago
I am not looking to scare you I am asking an honest question. Muslims are wrong for the simple fact that they are required to act within the 5 pillars of faith. They will never reach the perfection laid out in the 5 pillars. This also applies to other non Christian faiths you have to do something to achieve salvation or nirvana or enlightenment. Christianity is a free gift offered to those who would accept. There is no work requirement either you accept it or you don't.
Zulugis 11 months ago
My point is that these men are complaining about the small "oppression" they face while ignoring the many more serious issues women in the military face.
Vigis 11 months ago
yeah now trumpeters say that Angela Merkel is the enemy and they are trying to install a fascist now in Germany a populist national to overturn her. Pretty ironic in a country where a populist national became Hitler. the world has gone upside down black is white white is black. literally.
Gukree 11 months ago
I was thinking that. This is a tough one because beyond the trench coat he didn't really have any signs that would trigger law enforcement. No history of mental illness or violence, no automatic weapons.
Tojalar 11 months ago
Lets hope she doesn't have a Hillary Clinton moment and blame everyone but herself.
Tale 10 months ago
No. The point is that the bakers have a freedom of religion. Who would go to a kosher deli and ask for a ham sandwich?
Tokinos 10 months ago
A typical piece of ignorant lefty hack nonsense! "The whole World"? What an uneducated statement......Do let us in on how the Chinese; Indians and the entire Continent of Africa view the incredibly thick lefty moron!
Faekazahn 10 months ago
The question is thoroughly stupid. What is the point for him to hang around after he finished the job?
Shakticage 10 months ago
If you own anything besides the clothes on you back.
Arashishicage 10 months ago
Fet life dot org and remember we're all people, top and bottom, and get to know the people before you start the scene.
JoJonris 9 months ago
At 6 am? Absolutely.
Tekree 9 months ago
You already have an insurmountable debt from the Liberals. What Ford may add is insignificant compared to what the leftists Liberals and NDP have already done. Then a leftie extremist who poses as an economist throws out a few numbers based on inaccurate data along with a click bait headline from a left wing propaganda network and we are supposed to believe it? We have already seen leftie accounting at work as the socialists at the NDP had to admit their own economic assessment of their own platform was a lie. Clearly the socialists can't add 2+2 and now want to run the province?
Togami 9 months ago
Obviously. I am not a human being but a Godly Being.
Voshura 9 months ago
Check out Canada. Again, hell of a lot better than what we have.
Nekazahn 8 months ago
You?re saying that if you put on a uniform, then you will be fundamentally different merely because you?re wearing a uniform? That?s pretty sad.
Zolozahn 8 months ago
Nah, ya don't.
Netaxe 8 months ago
Not a problem! Timezones are a pig.
Akinole 8 months ago
Exactly and ..... don't forget........
Arakree 8 months ago
If you had never been told the concept of god, it would never have occurred to you to worship such a being.
Shakataxe 7 months ago
*mental note to bring stretchy clothes*
Nelmaran 7 months ago
"DNA is a code and you can't have a code without a coder".

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