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343 09:321 year ago

"LMFAO. So Hey, I guess those Reich-Wing ChristoFascists, who demand that atheists, lgbt's and many others, be denied their rights, be denied their humanity, and demand they be put to death are not angry huh? I guess in your opinion? I should do unto them what they will not do for others? That I am supposed to respect animals who have a long history of butchering and slaughtering other people of other races? To treat them with love and respect when they do not treat others the same way?"

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" "No actually, I was thinking about how I would do it differently, this seemed artificial. oh………hey……. Jamie had gotten into good habits when working on porn.

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ani amtumdhi appatike thellaga umde padma guddhalu yerra ga avuthayi appudu vishal padma tho amtadu appatikyna e guddhalni denguthanu ani appudu padma ippudu alamti prayogalu cheyaku babu amtumdhi navvuthu dhaniki malli padma peddha guddhalni kotti padma ni malli yelakila padukopetti padma notlo vishal sulla padma noti medha pedathadu padma okkasariga notlo pettukuni sulla ni chinnapilloodu pulla ice chekinattu chekuthumdhi stri;s kante lopalaki vishal dhuruputhadu padma ki vomiting vasthunnattu yuck….

Onnly lit a cigarette for each of us. hey……. He wanted me to produce a female offspring that would be able to mature and since she would have the same genetics as me produce the same milk as I do now.

"That's what I've been waiting for" She said with lust in her eyes. "We have 2 weeks to get all we need ztrips each other. " Jamie complied, wiping her pussy carefully. maine pehli baar shurti ko aise dekha…shruti mere samne aadhi nangi padi hui thi.

par bahut madak thi wo smail mujhe deewana kar rahi thi uski khusboo. " Stella looked up and noticed his body, strkps looked a little flabbier than the videos, but she expected he wouldn't look exactly the same, as long as the cock compared, she would accept it.

Instinctively I began to soap her sensitive breasts.

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Mekus 1 year ago
Do you know how to contextualize literature?
Faulrajas 1 year ago
Maybe so, either way, I still have the right to say offensive things in this country. At least for now.
Tam 1 year ago
I provided the evidenced rationale for each of the points I have proven. You conceded this, in each case, by changing subject, and evading the prior point that you had previously considered central.
Fautaxe 1 year ago
Please note (along with my question marks ;) that I prefaced my original post with "Unknown.", and "but my opinion is...". I'm not making any categorical claims, Dr. SS. :) Do you really have a PhD in applied physics? Interesting... and major kudos if it's true. I will take your word for it, as you take the Bible's Word for it(self).
Met 1 year ago
You repeatedly demanded hard evidence be presented showing that your God does not exist, but you don't hold the Mithras deniers to the same standard. That's the hypocrisy I noted earlier, that you weren't bothered by.
Moogulmaran 1 year ago
One waybut calling someone a liar is ok. Cool
Negal 1 year ago
???? true tho! Haha
Tale 1 year ago
please explain the NDP's hydro plan
Vudokazahn 1 year ago
As I said before, government and economy are two entirely different things.
Daizragore 1 year ago
Not funny. ????????
Kilmaran 1 year ago
That's why countries with much higher percentages of atheists, like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Finland and Japan are so riddled with violent crime compared to the highly religious United States.
Kajinos 1 year ago
Something sexy, like Helga, works.
Vulmaran 1 year ago
We were buying the series DVD's as they came out season by season! All my kids loved that show.
Kalabar 1 year ago
Or family reunion?
Kagakree 1 year ago
See ya latah, sug.
Dujar 1 year ago
Things are counterfeited because they have value. We know we have a cause outside of the universe which by necessity makes it timeless, spaceless, immaterial, personal and loving. We know that by the very nature of the universe that came into existence out of nothing. So we have at least one true cause/creator.
Voodookasa 1 year ago
You're comparing apples to oranges when you compare atheism to Christianity. You should compare atheism to theism. Does theism demand people to forgive each other or give to the poor? No, theism is just a belief that a god exists, just as atheism is just a lack of that belief. Neither atheism nor theism prescribe a particular set of morals. If you want to compare moral systems to Christianity than you should examine and compare secular humanism or some other moral philosophy.
Mikatilar 1 year ago
That's why you addressed what I wrote. You simply don't understand how evidence works.
Voodootaxe 1 year ago
Gorg 11 months ago
Do you honestly believe that is their main concern?
Doulkree 11 months ago
It was college. We both possessed nothing and were only on the hook for student loans, if scholarships were not available to us. They were.
Marn 11 months ago
Really? Now remember, the latest price drop was in late 2014. Illustrated by this chart.
Dataxe 11 months ago
I don't blame anybody for rejecting the notion that nonexistence is our destiny. I simply can't believe in something nobody can imagine. Nonexistence that is.
Gobar 11 months ago
Again, you lied for Jesus. You violated the Commandment. Not my fault you think it's a good idea to sin for God.
Faurisar 10 months ago
Oh cool. I like that
Kezuru 10 months ago
along with "racist" they are basically a tourette-like response from the Left
Kigabei 10 months ago
Yes, it's possible to trap someone into marriage, if only using barrier methods of birth control.
Brakazahn 10 months ago
I'm pretty sure most of them are against murder, and are fairly confident that God is in charge and knows the big picture and those of us humans guess what it is.
Dunris 10 months ago
Lack of bias
Gogore 9 months ago
critical spelling exercise
Mizahn 9 months ago
I knew you would not bother reading my reference and you apparently do not have one to back you claim OR opinion. Intellectually lazy and wilfully ignorant. You are correct in one regard:

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