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"A repeated decision based on fear becomes a habit of despicable cowardice."

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Megis 1 year ago
education is key.
Kebei 1 year ago
Ya know, I might be fine with the wall if it was something beautiful, like the Great wall... But no, it's gotta be ugly *sigh*
Zujas 1 year ago
PS I stand by you Kitty. Don?t you fret anymore! I know what?s in your heart. I don?t find fault in you for still having a fondness for Jesus !
Kekinos 1 year ago
I would be god with low self esteem, so yes I'd need to be worshipped.
Malanris 1 year ago
Way cool Tuxedo cat Skep, thanks
Gubar 1 year ago
The child who doesn't steal because its wrong is more moral than the one that doesn't steal for fear of getting caught
Gohn 1 year ago
Got my respect beign a homemaker. Hard for me so good job!
Malrajas 1 year ago
I didn't say that they caused the recession now did I.
Kigagami 1 year ago
what does this have to do with Obama.
Gardarn 1 year ago
All I?m trying to say is that if we don?t know all the properties of a rectangle, then we don?t know if everything that makes a square makes a rectangle. All we know is that Gould called squares rectangles. He didn?t say all squares are rectangles or that everything this ?square? does is consistent with everything a ?rectangle? does.
Dabar 1 year ago
I keep hearing it was based on a conservative think tank thank God conservatives figured out it was a mistake, and DIDN'T pass it!
Goltishura 11 months ago
Except Yvonne.. who routinely denies our will. [eye roll]
Arashim 11 months ago
You brought it up in the first place.
Yozilkree 11 months ago
A culture that doesn?t respect human life.
Fekazahn 11 months ago
Wow, agreement. : )
Malar 11 months ago
Cherry-picked. Not proof of anything.
Tojasida 11 months ago
Yep. That is your reasoning. To Christians it is a different story. They have "inside" knowledge.
Zukree 10 months ago
That eye for an eye vengeance stuff is too gratifying for them to let go.
Goltinris 10 months ago
"Just because you believe we need a cause for everything existing"

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