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"and Ive already explained that the OP is cherry picking and ive also explained why, and ADDITIONALLY I've provided the chapter and verses to support my argument."

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" Victor's smile faded as he stepped forward, his arms once again gently encircling her, as if that was what they wee made to do, looking down into her wide dark eyes as, "I've noticed you every day for the last eight yearsI can't tell you how many times when I leaned over your shoulder to look at something and caught your scentor bdeast I saw your smileGod Gayle, it took every bit of self-control I had not to take you into my arms and kiss you over and over" breasg VictorI wish you would haveoh I wish you would have kissed me and never stopped!" She sighed, a look of wistful joy replacing her previous expression of worry, "We wasted so much time" "That doesn't matter, we have all the time in the world.

I loved the feel of Taylor's tongue on my neck og every shot she had me wanting her so bad.

As the slave women had children they were turned into warriors. "Hey, baby" she said as she kissed him hello, "I'd like you to meet Rob. " He seemed more distraught now than when I'd confessed to him. I looked down on the dirt floor underneath me and noticed something weird.

"Yeah, it's not a big deal. "We have some cold beer. " You order me to go get it and I obey. I told my parents I would be camping Friday night, I packed my stuff and hid it all in my shack, then snuck close to Barbara's house and awaited her parents departure.

"Lord may I begin the ceremony?" Krasis nodded and the light brown furred and very sexy priestess fell to her knees. The feeling is tremendous and the feeling of power is amazing.

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Sharn 1 year ago
No, my argument is that everything that physically exists is a function of the big bang. There is nothing that physically exists that is not a function of the big bang (you are welcome to see the big bang as a single event if you like, it does not matter). Somehow you want to posit "self creating stuff" or something arising by itself after the big bang, but I am pointing out that whatever exists that you claim is not a function, would not exist except for the big bang.
Disho 1 year ago
"if islam tells me to kill apostates, I'm very sorry, I will not do it."
Fauktilar 1 year ago
This is the first I?m hearing about the 1 Corinthians 15 creed material. I just took a look at a scholarly paper and it gets pretty specialized. Hey, here I was thinking that the first historical Christian Evodius was pretty cool, along with Ignatius of Antioch, along with their acquaintance with John the Apostle.
Mugar 1 year ago
"Everything on the Internet is factual" --
Brajinn 1 year ago
The question a person of the Christian religion should ask themselves is am I Ok with a Muslim converting my child to Islam. If not why not. That may help a lot with the answer you are looking for.
Akik 1 year ago
is it not objectively moral to cause as little unnecessary suffering as possible? From any perspective- that which causes suffering unnecessarily should be avoided. It becomes objectively moral to not cause unnecessary suffering. What each person defines as unnecessary is irreverent, same with suffering. The position is objectively true regardless of the subject in question- lest I've misunderstood the concept.
Tukazahn 1 year ago
What is nonsensical about it? I'm curious to hear what you think. To me it makes sense as a theory, given the historical record embedded in the earth itself.
Zulkisho 1 year ago
Again, it has already been proven dummy, that big bang and evolution are invalid are just a dumb ignorant fool by choice...
Dibar 1 year ago
?What makes this ?celebration? different or problematic??
Kashakar 1 year ago
I never saw the boots before you mentioned it. I thought it was umbrellas that disappeared into police badges. But now I see the boots....I need to do more work on my visual observations, lol.
Kigashicage 1 year ago
Evolution is the longest standing, best established, most useful, most productive explanation we have ever had or probably will ever have. I took Biology 101 at Muhlenburg College, a private Christian college. So I am at least that much more qualified than some loony member of the hominid sub species Creationopithicus Alabamus, like you. This is getting really hilarious. Keep going, shout your ignorance of science for all of us to see.
Fezahn 11 months ago
Produce the passage.
Tudal 11 months ago
Stop agreeing with me! I miss arguing with you. ;)
Zulkinris 11 months ago
I simply requested you to back up the claims you made. That you could demonstrate creation with scientific data. You have continued to fail in that regard. Sorry, but the scientific method has been employed to conclude that the likelihood of non-natural causes for natural things is highly improbable. We would need to actually see this "science" of yours.
Kejas 11 months ago
But you think that we?re evil and wretched and deserving hell and look forward to the rapture where we?re destroyed so yes, you?re a misanthropic nihilist.
Kazikora 11 months ago
I thought we bored you yet you still can't stop commenting. ????. Trudeau brought on 'trumps stupid tariffs' by not taking his warnings seriously and negotiating. And the economy was already hurting because of Trudeau's policies and the policies of NDP and liberal provincial governments.
Tojazshura 10 months ago
The historical Jesus is bound to fall among the alert and conscientious, even if it means modifying or losing their received faith.
Kajishura 10 months ago
And waved to his friends from the bathhouse.
Zulkijin 10 months ago
Are you saying it's not because of demand for better wages, because that seems to be what you're initial post suggests.
Tukinos 10 months ago
I didn't see I was just joking.
JoJojind 9 months ago
True. But that is the nature of a capitalistic society. Everyone will not be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. But if the rewards didn't exist, would these people necessarily exist? would the innovation exist? The idea that this kind of success is achievable fuels this kind of ambition.
Tojak 9 months ago
Stephanie would be so proud of you. She lives in your heart.
Kinris 9 months ago
I doubt it. He's going to be driven to increasingly dictatorial behavior as Mueller gets closer to indictments of people closer to him.
Vudojar 9 months ago
Logic and reason is not a confused state of mind. Ravings of hell are. Logically if you look at the human form I could have designed a better model. So I guess that there?s two questions. Is god there? And if so why is he such a poor designer.
Akinotilar 9 months ago
"We've been able to test early human DNA up to 400 thousand years ago"
Dugami 9 months ago
I'm not a big fan of the term "sodomy". it sounds too biblical old school judgy to me. As far as having sex with my partner, it's on the menu and I'm comfortable with it. Oral is an every time event and anl is more of a special event sort of thing. In any case, anl should never be a surprise.
Megrel 8 months ago
Now your playing with words. "Earth" as a planet was created "in the beginning." "Earth" as soil/dry land came at a later time.

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