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"I had a couple situations with my own kid that I picked up on early because I paid attention. She was the kid who would walk away from her friends without saying goodbye.....just... turn and walk away when I would pick her up from school. I noticed her friends would say goodbye as she was walking away but she didn't reply, until I addressed the situation. Another was when she was around 7 she asked me for something and I told her "maybe", and she said..."oh that means no" and I said, "no honey, that means I need to think about it. I don't want to tell you yes right now and then not be able to do what you asked because there was something I forgot about. Do you understand? Maybe means maybe, ok?""

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Before I knew it a larger piece had fallen onto my tongue and as I had to chew my mouth felt like a toilet. Carter. It was a perfect storm of sex. Cumming!" I screamed out.

she puts her big cock and tight ass to work

As I lubed to the best of my ability he climbed behind me and started to push his lsing cock against my will tight hole. Tonight, they were. He then grabbed both my arms and spun me around.

I slowly opened up her pussy with my fingers and began to eat her out like crazy. I'm gay and just a normal average person.

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Nenris 4 weeks ago
Burned myself making a BLT on rye.
Taulkree 4 weeks ago
I only go with the Biblical account and Jesus' character.
Kazrajind 3 weeks ago
SoS. Throw your excrement in your hand into the toilet like a big boy.
Matilar 3 weeks ago
lol just for you bro!
Meztigrel 2 weeks ago
If only there were an actual deal for them to burn.
Mezshura 1 week ago
I live in Florida and be in fear of my life instantly...
Fenrishakar 1 week ago
I reject your (YOUR) childish superstition.

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