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"Shiva= False deity."

Shannya Tweeks is a pretty little french whore

I was shaking and asked already. He was trembling as he went to his inbox; after composing himself he opened the message, "Welcome to the site we hope thr will" he closed it without reading the rest. his balls deep cock pushed into the limit. Sending shock waves of lust to her victim.

You hang the leash over your shoulder and take the collar. SO I decided to finger her and make her want it as bad as I did. I myself was rather pleased with how I looked that night I had blue jeans on, a nice AE shirt, my fav AE hoodie and a toboggan with a bill that my surfer style hair peeked out of at my forehead and gave me wings out the back, and since I'm 6'6 I often get mistaken for being older and the older woman seem to like it to (I'm a tree with a baby face) and I have an athletic build I'm not skinny I'm built like an ideal tightend.

Lisa got my attention and mouthed "she thinks your hott" I smiled, and thought of the possibilities. I held both her arms with one of mine, and used the other to tear off her shirt.

6 months of stress, anger, war, loneliness, sexual frustration, and plan boredom was all being fucked out of me. My whole body was burning inside and out. who was like nothing like my ex. If it ever got out, the company's reputation would be lost forever.

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Digul 1 year ago
Your bible is distorted.
Ball 1 year ago
?Game over man, It?s game over!? that Hudson.
Bataur 1 year ago
Aaaaand... Las Vegas had fresh now on the mountain on May 15th.
Kagagor 1 year ago
I just think when he saw the meme he had flashbacks to last year lol.
Nisar 1 year ago
Interesting why is his name still know and worshiped, while all other Iron age gods have gone the way of history?
Yoll 1 year ago
So nothing you perceived as god through an event could be chance or error?
Goltimuro 1 year ago
Lol good luck
Dazil 1 year ago
Nope. I do not claim it. The witnesses do that.
Nikonris 1 year ago
Resist arrest and you get punched in the face.
Meziramar 1 year ago
Paddlemanism is a religion. Just cheezier than most.
Shaktilkis 1 year ago
Hi, I'm a childless harridan and I actually disagree with the comments in the OP. Does my opinion count or does my empty womb make it null and void?
Tygogul 1 year ago
I don't "have a problem with a link"... I have a problem with lazy folk posting links instead of thinking, especially when the links are poxy news outlets and especially when (after wasting great effort that should have been yours) I find that the links don't even support the claim being made.
Mogor 1 year ago
Lol are you being sarcastic?
Faurg 11 months ago
Your last comment was deflecting away from your claim .

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