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"Honesty? Says the guy that thinks its honest to tell someone to ante up and send $50k to some random broker. Says the guy that backed down when a mod offered to act as mediator to a previous wager between you and someone else."

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" I answer you. He looked back down as she kept stroking him. "My name is Julia by the way. Relax he whispered to me and after a few seconds the pain started to ease and feeling my ass start to relax around his cock he began to go deeper.

Libby lost her virginity to me, and we fucked as much as possible after that, so I carved her cunt to mold my cock inside her. Oh god, was she going to bring up 'the incident'. Just when I think you are about to let me sit or lay down you take one of my legs and rest it on your shoulder and then gently lick my inner thigh until you reach my now sopping wet pussy.

He said in the morning my training would begin. " "Oh, and you won't believe what happened next" The young boar prattled on, his ample jowls quivering in his amusement; Victor thought it fitting he was dressed as Henry the Eighth.


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Digore 1 year ago
Jesus rose from the dead. Is that literal?
Vugis 1 year ago
Yeah, and they (the scientists of 200 yrs from now) may actually be wrong as well determined by scientist 200 years in their future.
Dozshura 1 year ago
Not sure what you mean here really
Fenrigal 1 year ago
Circumstances changed - Venezuela imploded in a Socialist Supernova.
Mikasa 1 year ago
Binders of women.
Tobei 1 year ago
God set up Sanctuary cities, for accidental deaths. God is just & not
Mikasa 1 year ago
Still warm, but I have ice.
Gardarisar 11 months ago
More often they are called out for the racism and sexism of their ancestors, who are mostly dead. They themselves are keen to see the issue die and everyone get on with their lives. There are very few left who should be constantly called out. The nobles have all been guillotined, so now we need someone, anyone to take the blame for our persisting ills, since beheading all the aristocrats clearly hasn't helped.
Shazahn 11 months ago
Ha ha...He created a huge mess by changing a policy...without warning or planning...leaving the agencies screwed who needed to implement, forcing the world to condemn him.
Taujin 11 months ago
What are your terms? What's the catch?
Zuluktilar 11 months ago
Actually the guy that Trump backed in Alabama was a child molester, but Trump said,
Mojind 11 months ago
Snopes is joke. They make a habit of changing the premise being made, them claim its false. Just like you atheists do
Fenribei 10 months ago
It's not outlandish she would be related to royals in England. It's accepted that they are related, as were Lady Diana and Prince Charles.

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