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"You and yours can pay for the privilege of religion in schools."

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Now that Lisa knew how the bottle and lemons and salt where being passed fuckedd. I slid one hand along those smooth lips.

Oh well I guess maybe another time" He, looking right into your eyes, says, "You wish that, eh.

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Then they had him do readings at several colleges.

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Arall 1 year ago
Dude... You're Playing with Words.... It is what it is and Science KNOWS the Family tree of a Turducken/ Galloanserae.... It is what it is Dude.... You can sit back and say You don't Know You Don't Know You Don't Know , all the while The WORLD of Academia knows exactly what they are talking about and what they are Teaching....
Samura 1 year ago
Meanwhile, same person when Obama was nominating Sotomayor and Kagan, and Clinton put in Ginsburg:
Goltitilar 1 year ago
I like your screen name.
Mazujar 1 year ago
We get it that you don't get it.
Mezigore 1 year ago
How much government regulation do you want in our lives?
Gugis 1 year ago
Like what? Formulate full, complete thoughts before you reply.
Gardahn 1 year ago
Hate has to be taught, carefully and repeatedly taught or else the child might become a proper, civilized American.
Mikora 1 year ago
You keep that dream alive there fella. That goof will be gone in 2019.
Ball 1 year ago
Nothing like it is today as a wide scale industry.
Junris 1 year ago
1. If we are talking about a small group of well educated people then the noble lie will probably fail. You need a large group including gullible people to start a myth, and based on the people left in you scenario I just don;t see that happening.
Kajigal 1 year ago
Here?s the one thing I can tell you in response to what you?ve read: the US government does its best to conceal what they are doing. Pretty much since the inception of the nation, they have ran a campaign of disinformation to this very day. So they may admit to certain things, but then lie about much of it. They don?t want everybody knowing what they are doing, nor how they are spending taxpayers? money. Believe you me, nobody spends billions of dollars on something they later claim ?does not work.? You must be smarter than the fools they take everybody to be. That is, everybody outside their secret circles.
Metaxe 1 year ago
How can you see the wind? O_o
Duzilkree 1 year ago
The question seems to center on the issue of what "most" people think are objective moral standards. "Most" being a category that excludes sociopaths, who by definition do not have a conscience as the term normally connotes - so they don't count. For the rest of us, as others have already said, the question could be framed as: "Name one instance where the violent rape and/or outright premeditated murder of a child is not immoral". Since we've excluded sociopaths, among them "Satanist" and drug cults, etc., I think every non-sociopath would reply, "Of course there is no way in which such a violation/murder is not immoral". Would this not indicate that, among the non-sociopathic population, that there is an objective moral standard, whether or not it comes from simple human empathy or divine mandate?
Samuzahn 1 year ago
Calling out the bullshit of a religion isn't hate.
Nalrajas 1 year ago
Mass shootings have occured in church, cinemas, the street, wherever. Not only in public schools and the shooters kill Democrats and Republicans indiscriminately. Like many of your creed you seem to think that these shootings are a Democrat plot. As far as I know there are public schools in Republican communities as well as Democrat.
Gorn 1 year ago
Faith and Reason go hand in hand. There is no separation only degrees of relativite certainty.
Brataur 1 year ago
Not once did I apologize for being gay. Did you read my post? Not once was there an apology. I'm not sure what you meant by this very stupid post you sent me. Can you show me where I apologized? And you're actually the one that was spending all day talking about the kind of men you like, Cleetus. You love manly men. Thats what you keep saying.
Kagajas 1 year ago
Which one? The shits or the giggles?
Arashitaur 1 year ago
I've taken news vacations before. We even used to turn off the cable TV from April till October just because we were raising kids and felt like they should be outside in the mild weather months. The kids got to where they actually looked forward to it. We did more things as a family during that time.
Arajar 11 months ago
Methinks I see a Texas Sharpshooter.
Shaktishakar 11 months ago
I acknowledge that Obama is black and that is inconsequential to anything.
Vudokora 11 months ago
easy BizarroTrump triggers easily.

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