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966 04:281 year ago

"OK Mr. white Hood"

BBC Vs Bonds

I knew they figured if enough different men had sex with me it would increase my chance of getting pregnant. I could see the feeling I gave him was so intense it bordered on painful.

BBC Vs Bonds

Morgoth, never satisfied, decided he wanted to humiliate Sauron just a little bit before their battle the next day. "Okok, we can all congratulate ourselves later. Today I was used for the first time in my 23 years as a human toilet.

she had walked up behind him and he jumped trying to get away from her. em denguthunnav ra na 18yrs lo uncle tho kuda appudu imthalaga dengimchukoledhu nuvu denguthumte nijamayina magadu denguthunnattu umdhi amtu o arusthu umtumdhi hey……….

I began to put on my clothes and gathering my things. I have been kept secluded from the outside world. I take just the head at first, which I suck on like a pacifier before taking your whole shaft into my mouth and throat.

I held both her arms with one of mine, and used the other to tear off her shirt. I am tall. Now, I'm just driving home, but I already know the perfect girl to be my next victim.

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Gardanos 1 year ago
It hasn't been falsified. There is no evidence. There's anecdote, there's claims, but no evidence.
Maukazahn 1 year ago
She can have it.
Dami 1 year ago
I would be so tempted to give the card to my boyfriend and say "Shawn says he wants to see you right away in his room." Let him find VIP guy covered in rose petals in his underpants and let the bf deal with that vision.
Neshakar 1 year ago
Not everyone presents with warning signs. Believe me.
Nizragore 1 year ago
She looks like an ad., for an anti-bad breath mouthwash Can you imagine the stench!
Jugis 1 year ago
Shouldn't they then be saving? Have insurance like Aflac? which is about 20 bucks a month?
Tarr 1 year ago
Fixed it for you. "white devils" Gee i wonder why "racist" would come to mind.
Mikar 1 year ago
Jesus was clear on something? Says who? The first bibles don't agree. They don't even have the same books... hell they have books the modern bible doesn't have and the modern bible has books that NEITHER have. So.... no. You confuse propaganda with evidence.
Dik 1 year ago
She will never ever want to be accepted as a religious Jew :) She knows its not necessary( to be religious) to be considered a Jew. Yet! She also knows and care about not being seen as a Christian also. Why? That means total rejection(from the Jewish community) of any Jewish claims. That she will not accept, so she will toe the line (duty) of the Jewish principal or belief of rejecting any divinity to YESHUA and reject any Notion of G-D taking on human form. Shalom
Arashirg 1 year ago
"...we discussed there is no naturalistic explanation for the universe."
Tezil 1 year ago
What is the purpose of taxation? Is it to penalize the "rich" or to generate tax revenue dollars? Going by your typical "progressive" response, it's largely for punitive measures. When the top 10% pay over 70% of the taxes, it's hard to argue that they don't pay "their fair share." Funny that the bottom 40% that pays a negative tax rate, according to these same "progressive" are "overtaxed."
Mooguzragore 1 year ago
You were the one laughing...not me. The quote suits you to a tee.
Tunris 1 year ago
Agreed, but once you go pantheistic, you get used to the variety and are more likely to try more new items from a limitless menu, don't you think?
Arat 1 year ago
I wouldn't exist, so I wouldn't care.
Julkree 1 year ago
Kind of makes you wonder about the King James Onlyists that their translation is not only misleading, but it had to be "updated" by the New King James Version, the New International Version, etc. I'm not quibbling with your reading of it, just pointing out that no one realized "they" was better than "he" until atheists and critics started pointing out the anomaly.
Takus 1 year ago
You are, like many others, confusing

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