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Moogucage 1 year ago
Equal? No. Different sure. Reality? One is based on it and one is not.
Taukasa 1 year ago
Starting your comment with "Again", is not an argument, unless you can explain how all videos on youtube can't be scientifically accurate
Sanris 1 year ago
Anybody who thought humanity was a gift some god gave to this universe is
Brataxe 1 year ago
Well no that is publicly accused. Not proven.
Shaktiramar 1 year ago
Most pedophiles are gay.
Tutilar 1 year ago
Ooh. Yeah! I am totally there.
Goltijora 1 year ago
It?s how I understand their agenda
Gasida 1 year ago
"I wonder why people can't talk to and understand each other"
Kazik 1 year ago
Secular non-bias evidence does NOT mean an Atheist must produce it.
Tojarg 1 year ago
Yes, I continue to remind people - the Supreme Court of the United States of America was deciding whether someone can be forced to bake a cake.
Malalkis 1 year ago
Deep down inside you know it's true. You just want to sin.
Shagami 1 year ago
She?s funny... & clever.
Kele 1 year ago
He would have "facilitated" in the same way as I mentioned with the imperfect analogy with driving the person.
JoJotaur 1 year ago
Jesus is God,his sacrifice as someone free of sin atones for the sin of mankind. Only by accepting that sacrifice and the forgiveness of sins can we approach God
Dojora 1 year ago
It wasn't meant to make you feel bad. Strong emotions with strong reactions. That is the male of our species.
Kigakazahn 1 year ago
If you follow that path, then the law considers you to simply not stock wedding cakes any more than a kosher deli will sell bacon.
Kajir 1 year ago
I can't stop you from defending child abuse so you got that part right
Taujora 1 year ago
They don't want to import back into the U.S. They'll use European workers to build HDs in Europe for the European market. Americans who work at HD and love Trump and lose their jobs cause we're no longer building HDs here to export for European sales are just $HIT outta luck. Bad judgement, I guess. Too fuquing bad.
Dait 11 months ago
Nothing that you mention or believe constitutes intelligence.
Shakashicage 11 months ago
I read ?stumped? as humped at first. Changed the entire context of your post.
Braramar 11 months ago
Aww, don't spoil our fun! I was enjoying seeing them seethe and slobber. It's revealing.
Mukazahn 11 months ago
It's mostly a contorted claim.
Faegrel 11 months ago
You?ll love this:
Mikree 10 months ago
Accepting that something is not nothing is major progress, son.
Tushakar 10 months ago
After 30 seconds (plus whatever happened prior to the video) my hunch was either drug use, or that kid was doing something physical over the previous 24 hours and didn't sleep at all that night. That's not just nodded out... that's nigh unconscious.
Kazrajar 10 months ago
Even your source does not validate the orginal post. Nobody was "shot at", and it snt an excuse to kill other people!
Meztir 10 months ago
Pretty much, that's why they can't even accept it when they misspeak.
Kazikasa 10 months ago
You think drowning babies is a good thing!!!!!
Shabar 10 months ago
True Believers are self insulting.
Akinoramar 10 months ago
Correct, we have very good reasons to not believe Smith. We know him and his character. It?s good to know who writes and claim things.

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