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"Yeah, I believe in the separation of the church and state. If the state controls the religion, the religion controls the state. Free thought is essential to a good religious worldview."

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Mom was off on her next date and wouldn't be back until around 10 or later. A low groan was all he could reply with but it answered my question well enough. This movement was a telling one; and the cause by far of the biggest moan to come from Janice yet.

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You slip a few inches into me. " He was reluctant to open up. abba……abbabba……. He was the key and if that was what it took that is what I was going to have to do.

to dosto bataiye mera ye update aapko kaisa laga. Is that what you wanted to hear?" He was angry, but not with me, with himself. He slowly raises my chin and I finally see who was my new Master, my eyes widen and I knew.

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Zur 1 year ago
And not one out of these multitudes have any proof. Spare us your cheap, dishonest argumentum ad populum.
Dasho 1 year ago
I could only bend that way if struck by a car doing 50.....
Shakree 1 year ago
The irony is palpable.
Meztimuro 1 year ago
How to "Cherry Pick" a study to make misleading conclusions (I often say "statistics can be used to prove almost anything"). Following is an example from your OP, and what the study actually concludes.
Meztill 1 year ago
There's no Scotsman like a true one.
Akinojinn 1 year ago
You might have to do one of these numbers.
Fenris 1 year ago
How do you propose to do this?
Daigul 1 year ago
False premises. The universe was NOT created for humans, but by God for His own pleasure.
Gushura 1 year ago
Hey the prodigal son has returned and the bank account must be empty. lol Good, Bad and Indifferent depending on who is trying to hang you any given day. Hope you had a great holiday and I may be the only one that missed you but I did miss you. lol
Mukazahn 1 year ago
I don't think there's much evidence to support a link between QM and ideas of an afterlife. But there's plenty to suggest that "reality" is far more complex and manifold that the version of reality that our five-sense palette paints for us.
Brak 1 year ago
Sounds like me when I hear about political parties.
Voodoozuru 1 year ago
Can you save you ??? Eternity is a LONG time . you CHOSE where you will spend it .
Neshicage 1 year ago
Using a colon instead of a period. That's a grammatical error instead of a typo, though.
Yozshugul 1 year ago
A person is free to do what to their body in my opinion. Her being a porn star is honestly a horrible reason to say you don't respect someone. But...that's just MY opinion.
Meztijinn 1 year ago
I agree completely with your "if we don't know, then we don't know." surely seems like we just don't really know. Still I find it seems quite normal to me. I never implied I thought it stable or in the wrong phase (warming or cooling) and I don't pretend to know.
Jull 1 year ago
Why are you so stupid and arrogant?
Guzilkree 1 year ago
You our troubled, seek help.
Vudolkis 1 year ago
It is a victory for freedom as a principle, and for human rights. Nobody should be forced to do what is insulting for his moral standards.
Kigaktilar 1 year ago
I wonder if Prince Charles kept looking at his watch like my father did when I was getting married?
Mujind 1 year ago
They all exist. Especially the pasta based ones.
Meztilar 1 year ago
STC. Well as long as you are smugly satisfied in your own point.
Mikazahn 1 year ago
I think they?re getting more attention because within the past two weeks there have been so many reports of mostly white women calling the cops on black pepole for no crimes being committed:
Guzragore 1 year ago
It might not go over well if she shouts out things like "Impeach 14170-041!"
Vijind 1 year ago
The 3 abrahamic religions show little respect for women, overall. Certainly some churches will show a bit more respect, but they didn't get that out of the bible.
Dukora 11 months ago
Tajas 11 months ago
He?s not polite if he is aggressively by way of persistence trying to fugg her when she?s clearly shown no interest. This isn?t a matter of what is punishable by law or not. Most women here have had to deal with this type of guy when out and about. The difference is, the unwanted attention comes from a stranger with whom we will never see again and has no association with anyone we know. I think this is more assessing his behavior, how it made her feel, and if she should tell her boyfriend given the relationship dynamics between Shawn and Jake and the potentiality that Shawn and our poster may meet again.

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