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"A person is only bigoted when they refuse to make room for differing views, lifestyles, religions and ideas. Both groups are guilty of it."

Bisexual Threesome - Part 2

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"You want me to suck it baby?" She asked quietly. The growth didn't stop there. I woke up bound to a post, my arms aching because I was hanging from them, I was stripped just down to my bra and panties and I started to scream.

Each guy in the progression had a larger cock. My mind numb from the fighting and spinning with thoughts of her. She screamed louder and louder, so finally I put my hands around her white neck and squeezed, silencing her cacophony of screeches. He overlooked her beautiful curves and perfect breasts.

But it had all worked out in her favor; the confusion that reigned afterward allowed her to steal even more money from the business's coffers and the pudgy balding man that had replaced Victor as CEO was much more easily manipulated than he had been.

I was taught how to massage and bring him to pleasure with sure and smooth strokes. i could still feel her squeezing me when I was limp and slipped out of her. She knows his spots and exploits them till she feels the want for his juices. " He wrapped his arm around me lifting me out of the chair.

They smiled and turned away from the door.

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Jukazahn 9 months ago
"In a nutshell, no Jesus, no Universities or Science."
Dogar 9 months ago
As of now. Sadly, it seems we are headed towards a less feeling society. That cannot be good for us.
Mooguzil 9 months ago
I recommend placing a bottle of lotion next to the kitchen sink. Friction burns are no joke!
Dojar 9 months ago
Amd when you pass out, perfect time for the shot!
Mesho 9 months ago
Have a pizza delivered or pick it up and save 15%. What to do?
Brat 8 months ago
Just pointing out that he was 20 when she was 16... : /
Bakazahn 8 months ago
What's the link to the LHN&P?
Mujinn 8 months ago
Your last comment was deflecting away from your claim .
Maurg 8 months ago
Christianity is certainly the lesser of both evils for sure. Christians just get more obnoxious as they approach fundamentalism.
Maura 8 months ago
Hell exists. And so does Purgatory where the vast majority of souls will go for final purification before entering heaven.
Zolohn 8 months ago
I have clearly won this argument as you have no point to make apart from making nasty comments about people you don't know .. which is very un christian in my view ...
Mikarisar 7 months ago
I didn't bother to point out that her fable points to a rape baby.
Munos 7 months ago
I'm against fascistic tactics of a police state. No knock raids have become common place where they should be rare. This is why SWATTING has become so dangerous. BLM is a racist supremacist group that actively supports criminals that actively attack police officers.
Akinohn 7 months ago
and why do men have nipples and no t i t s? does a plumber put a fawcett on the wall with no pipes? ... "Gallagher"
Goltik 7 months ago
Why do you think I wear a Saxon chieftain's helmet? (Although my name is Jones and my granddad played soccer for Wales.)
Akilkree 6 months ago
Fair enough, let's see what arguments are presented.
Zolorn 6 months ago
I'm mostly referring to laypeople, but also to scholars pre-Schweitzer who reached similar conclusions.
Vulabar 6 months ago
Sai Baba is claimed to have accomplished all of the same miracles as Jesus, except coming back to life. We have modern literate western educated people who believe Sai Baba to be divine. First century Christians were illiterate not educated.
Maulkis 6 months ago
There'll be no talk of religion here, missy!
Zulukora 6 months ago
Next up: hair dressers with profound religious objections to straight marriage.
Nikogal 5 months ago
The Athenian assembly. We?re literally talking Ancient Greek, man.
JoJoshicage 5 months ago
enjoy, and it'll go fast!!!
Yorisar 5 months ago
True. But it's always been about recognition. Just because they get a subpoena doesn't mean they expect, or want, him to appear. The media attention is the goal. But if you're going to complain about someone being a media whore.....
Tozahn 5 months ago
I guess it all depends on the meaning of "post."
Kajikazahn 5 months ago
"lol"? Look it up yourself.
Gahn 5 months ago
The B word is never good, that's the word you should never speak to some one you love. men should never call women bit*** and women should never call men SOB's. The B word is the ultimate insult to both men and women. Fact when you call a man a SOB you are insulting his mother. The B word is never good in or out of context
Gujinn 4 months ago
Oh. I think I get it now. Thanks Margaery. I didn't at first. I just knew he clearly had an agenda
Yozshusida 4 months ago
Duh same sex marriage bans, and seven states have laws preventing an atheist from holding public office or serving on a jury.
Meztizuru 4 months ago
Is that code for smoking his crack pipe?
Zuluk 4 months ago
Nicely said. I agree with you.
Zoloran 4 months ago
Morning all.........have some fun, and play a game.................
Voodoogrel 3 months ago
Oh, I dont mean you should use words Im asking you to use...i mean, that would be unconstitutional and bigoted. ;)
Mesida 3 months ago
Right, so believe the man hearing voices in his head?
Moogujinn 3 months ago
So God's non-existence has been proven?

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