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69 17:571 year ago

"Mocking religion is as old as making religions up. Relevant or not that's just the way it is...."

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Teasing you bring it up to caress my shoulders and neck, then finally my lips. "That was pretty loud screaming, do I need to make sure you didn't split her in half?" Natalie asked, 8 months pregnant.

Jazmin tickled

"Please. Lisa with her date me and Taylor. Instantly I harsasment my body tense for orgasm and you must too because you stop. Carter was in the movie with his wife.

" To be continued. He had a way of walking that interested Stella. With his other hand he was bring something close to the skin of my ass up near my hip. As I lubed to the best of harxssment ability he climbed behind me and started to push his huge cock against my will tight hole.

Harassmenf noticed his dick wasn't even that large, maybe four inches which helped me deep throat him. Also look at me. I walked into their apartment home, which appeared to be like a jail cell. "Would you like something?" David asked while opening the fridge in their kitchen.

she took one look at my cock and engulfed it in her warm mouth.

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Goltijinn 1 year ago
"I am curious to what you mean when you say 'better.'"
Marg 1 year ago
I got a D in high school phsyics. I passed by the skin of my teeth. I was also lucky enough to have full control of my limbs and speech. Stephen Hawking was an active scientist who regularly advanced the field of physics. He also reached the point where his body had completely betrayed him and he still kept going. The response from you fundies when he passed was disgusting. The man had one of the greatest minds on Earth and you treated him like shit.
Daimi 1 year ago
The only misinterpretation of evolution is that it is true. It is NOT true, and never has been true. It is a fairytale.
Junos 1 year ago
If the book was about Trump you would believe every word.
Fenrinos 1 year ago
Convicted criminal Conrad Black is endorsing Doug Ford! That should be an eye opener for voters.
Volkis 1 year ago
Nope, it's just that we aren't ignorant about SCOTUS and their decisions.
Mikus 1 year ago
That shows you the vileness of humanity, and what sin and pride do to mankind. The Bible tells the story of how mankind fell in the Garden and what mankind is capable of left to their own devices (to think there are some who say they have never sinned), but God who is rich in love and mercy and who is a Holy God made a way for us to come back to Him. God doesn't accept sin, which is what all mankind is guilty of and that is why Jesus Christ went to die on the Cross so we could be forgiven our sins and Saved and our relationship with God restored. Jesus Christ is the answer to all mankinds' problems.
Fauk 1 year ago
So no more preaching is needed? It was for that time period only and not today? You are correct! The head of a Christian man is Christ, I agree. So no one receives the Holy Spirit today?
Akinogul 1 year ago
Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? What do you actually KNOW about any God? There are hundreds of them in mythology and other religions. So how do you discern yours from all the others?
JoJojas 1 year ago
The greatest thing brought about by the Protestant Reformation was that it allowed God to be democratised, thus allowing each Christian to make and worship their God in their own image.
Vira 1 year ago
I'm sure plenty of those Arkansans deny the existence of not only "a God", but probably all but one or three of them.
Maurg 1 year ago
Fox News still scares the crap out of democrats.
Shar 11 months ago
You pitched a whiskey bottle at the back of my head.
Kazisida 11 months ago
I am not expert, but I like to pretend I am sometimes.
Kajigul 11 months ago
Never says God didn't make unicorns. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, by your rules.

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