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"How many posters are you feuding with?"

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At that point, I lost it and came so hard all over myself. "What is going on here?" said Mr Hamilton. I could hardly move.

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky, Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone, Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die, One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie. I had started boxing a few years back, I was pretty good. You feel an orgasm build in your balls as I beg to cum.

"Don't worry, baby," Jerome said. My body already on the brink. All the outside doors were locked, so I decided to just stay at the front of the building, and waited for someone to open the door for me.

I love how you were able to keep going even after you came. "Damnit John, I'm trying to give you a little desperate student fantasy, and you aren't working with me.

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Dailkree 11 months ago
Thank you ??
Mauramar 11 months ago
When are the statues of the founding fathers coming down?
Vudoll 11 months ago
A house for $9,000?!
Tazuru 11 months ago
We do not.
Kajira 10 months ago
You are thoroughly ignorant. The laws of Moses (a total of 613) guide the moral life of any Israeli and many commands of those laws guide godly life for the entire world.
Tygozilkree 10 months ago
I see a lot of words, but the one thing they are lacking is a verse to support it.
Samushicage 10 months ago
By "Americans" do you mean "WHITES"??
Nelrajas 10 months ago
We have a Chinese Restaurant that is primarily a buffet that serves sliced Totinos Pizza. They do not even hide it.
Dijin 9 months ago
There was no Moses, no Jesus, no Abraham, no Issac, no talking donkey.
Duramar 9 months ago
We only have traffic laws so people don't crash into anything.
Kazrajinn 9 months ago
What's the matter Gramps? Metamucil not kicking in?
Meztijinn 9 months ago
As you said "in your opinion"
Doukazahn 8 months ago
It ain't what you say; it's how you say it.
Moogulrajas 8 months ago
Please do not let facts get in the way of a good rant.
Galmaran 8 months ago
He molested boys at a theatre company and made unwanted advances on some production assistants on the set of house of cards.
Kigalmaran 8 months ago
So do I. And the world seems fine. Then again, I don't expect much out of the man who believes himself god out of delusion.
Zolojind 8 months ago
You might want to grow beyond the tiny confines of straightforward reason (without losing any of it). Modernism is so 130 years ago.
Vusho 7 months ago
Easier said than done.
Shazshura 7 months ago
Once again you fail to answer a direct question with a straight and evidence supported answer.
Minris 7 months ago
It's still a good OP, though.
JoJojar 7 months ago
A reaction requires a cause- we have reactions.
Gabei 7 months ago
I like what Augustine wrote:
Diramar 7 months ago
I do not care about your delusions. Your lack of belief will not change reality; and, reality doesn't look very good for you, right now.
Tojagore 7 months ago
We are in a mass extinction event now, being driven by climate change caused by humans.
Maugar 7 months ago
I dont understand your comment.
Zulkimuro 6 months ago
I just watched that yesterday. It us entertaining!
Zulkigor 6 months ago
Do you have a more accurate number?
JoJokora 6 months ago
It's a misdemeanor, genius.
Dagar 6 months ago
I have poor grammar and you don't like what I say? Well golly jee, I must be someone who was banned before, case closed.
Tazahn 6 months ago
We do, Leslie, in our hearts. : )
Vudolabar 5 months ago
You can keep it over at my house.
Kazibei 5 months ago
Can you imagine the turmoil had some Republican intern yelled this at Obama?
Nektilar 5 months ago
Thank you, LOL!
Ker 5 months ago
Tax returns......The Achilles Heel.
Tojagrel 5 months ago
So does video games, and friends.

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