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"So when did abortion enter the equation? this is about a just God and if man is fundamentally good or evil."

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Dagami 11 months ago
did my turn. We've been dual income for a while. but winding up with three kids on the autism spectrum sort of ended the sustainability of that.
Kagalkis 10 months ago
Oh! And lighting fires on the Shabbat...
Nikoktilar 10 months ago
Turn off cable news, all of them. They're not there to report the news, they're there to sensationalize news for entertainment purposes. The more they attempt to divide us, the more profitable it is for them.
Fegar 10 months ago
co-ed has never bothered me.... not big on public locker rooms, they always smell funky.
Mekus 10 months ago
Now that you understand the real scale, are you a 50?
Nashicage 10 months ago
You are not even rational - "criminal" - this is how we love one another.
Jull 9 months ago
You are born the way you are born. What's wrong is when they want to play with others set in stone systems as if they were created for everyone. They were not. A civil union would have satisfied everyone including Uncle Sam but no. It had to be turned into bigotry. Why ?
Tazahn 9 months ago
If what happened to you is true, I understand your anger.
Mikashura 9 months ago
That's truly a shame. And NO this isn't an endorsement of slavery but an endorsement of our unique American history.
Tebar 9 months ago
Its self explanatory. I don't do remedial work for trolls.
Fenrikora 9 months ago
or with master rabbit (his absence is also noted) :P
Shat 8 months ago
Newsflash:   Trump's "Zero Tolerance" Policy was NOT a law until May of 2018 when Jeff Sessions enacted it.
Gahn 8 months ago
Science have never shut God out, but since there are no evidence and science rely 100% on evidence. Religion and science are not really compatible.
Arashigor 8 months ago
I doubt it.
Mezilkree 8 months ago
Comedy can go to far and certain jokes can not be allowed, people can be sensitive about some things and we need to respect that. Comedians such as Bill Burr and Anthony Jeselnik need to release that others have feelings too and cannot joke about these *throws up in mouth* issues
Miran 8 months ago
You seem to presuming the bible possesses some inherent autjority, or is more likely to be an accurate account of the existence,character and will of the divine entities commonly termed 'gods' than all other oral or scriptural accounts from all other religious traditions living or dead that human societies have authored over the centuries.
Nezragore 7 months ago
Also "That's what she said."
Malkis 7 months ago
The only evidence for the Christs existence is Christians.
Dogore 7 months ago
Tooting your own horn?
Brasida 7 months ago
No it wasn't, it was a not funny joke.
Samumi 7 months ago
What bible are you reading?
Zulkishura 7 months ago
Back to mimicking my last comment. What a retard.
Tek 7 months ago
And as it is said, only he know when that is. All you can do is surmise, which is meaningless.
Mazukus 6 months ago
Your refusal to be convinced is -- perhaps the subject of an interesting disucssion of the closed minds of the faithful, but is irrelevnat to whether I answered your questions.
Kitaur 6 months ago
Why does the moderator encourage trolling? I'm contacting Discus and putting an end to this shinola
Goltilar 6 months ago
Whoa whoa whoa, what are you saying here?
Toshicage 6 months ago
It offers freedom to be. Is that not good news?
Bara 6 months ago
I do not recite the Creed - anymore. I have read several of your scientific posts,
Bakasa 5 months ago
Maybe for you, you can not say for me.
Kazraramar 5 months ago
If he's sleeping through class every day, he deserves to fail.
Yonris 5 months ago
What if the moon is made of cream cheese? Relevance please?
Samurg 5 months ago
?I do not hold it to be sacred, and think that killing is often justified? Except we aren?t talking about killing in the name of justice. We are talking about the mass slaughter of millions of INNOCENT lives.
Mokree 4 months ago
Sorry to burst you insolent bubble - no baby is born gay - it is a learned process that takes one's puberty to allow such a choice to be made. All based on one's sexual preference at the time of one's puberty, and how the environment allows them to make such a choice.
Mimi 4 months ago
Not at all.

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