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124 15:261 year ago

"So what is a pagan doing on the gospel threads?"

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"John when you go back Vwnessa there start rubbing her thighs; bring the talk around to sex; she is so under the influence she will agree to anything". He sprayed a huge load into her mouth, onto her face, and onto her breasts.

Krasis smiled and ordered a cease fire. my balls we already soaked.

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I could see the light go on in Jane's head as she realised what I was doing. We were now able to keep our young bodies fucking each other properly, each slowly drawing near climax then backing off to prolong our bliss.

oh……. The idea of my little sister catching my load in her mouth just made me cum more. They pulled up to his house and he picked her up and walked her through the door way and down the stairs to the bedroom were he put her down and closed the door behind him. He touched my ass with what he was holding and time stopped.

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Dataur 1 year ago
You need to focus on the good...even if its just the sunrise or hearing a bird singing in the trees. There is some small beautiful thing you can smile about.
Shakakora 1 year ago
You did though. You posted your opinion that there was a first man and woman. An unsubstantiated claim.
Kazragis 1 year ago
So, "I don't know" has nothing to do with epistemology? That's where you are making your stand?
Voodoojar 1 year ago
No, its not. Sure there are all races mixed it, but the majority are white and male.
Mezit 1 year ago
I know that son.
Kasar 1 year ago
Thats all well and fine or that person, but you made truth claims and don't seem to be able to back them up with reason or evidence. Its almost as if you are a dishonest person with no ethics or morals.
Moogunos 1 year ago
Short term is just the explanation. Its stasis all around...because its PE. PE fits genesis, whether you like it or not.
Tashicage 1 year ago
Geography has a huge impact on how religions develop and spread. It's not a coincidence that the Middle East is dominated by Islamic beliefs, but it's not prophecy either.
Nigor 1 year ago
One disagreement and they are no longer allies? Then I guess they weren't really allies to begin with...
Gardatilar 1 year ago
Sure I've read it. It's a naked attempt to scare nonbelievers into converting and it's full of bizarre imagery like the moon bleeding and various fractions of creatures dying.
Goltill 1 year ago
It is universally valid, but people have free will. So *nothing* is "universally valid" if a veto is in the power of any individual
Misar 1 year ago
I dont recall Republicans burning down Seattle. And the Obama WAR on cops shootings you cant blame on Republicans either
Dimi 1 year ago
Where have you been? Congress has been responsible since the Constitution was enabled.
Mezilabar 1 year ago
Humans. We're only 6000 years old. History proves that.
Shakasa 11 months ago
That applies to any and all who deny or make excuses for the issues that are a major factor in death and destruction. Killing is killing, I just do not understand why you focus on this ONE group of killers.
Samurg 11 months ago
We already have everlasting life b/c nothing ever truly dies.
Mirn 11 months ago
Nooo, lmao come back to the dumpster fire.
Akim 11 months ago
Invalid question. The question was presented based upon a series of false applications of logic. (such as "choice" being applied to abortion but not to the act that made the abortion a "choice" option).
Vijind 11 months ago
I do what I can. ; )
Zolotaur 10 months ago
Inciting a mob? how dramatic. They were protesting outside of the restaurant.
Moogujar 10 months ago
Trump.... running the economy like it's a casino.
Mull 10 months ago
Perhaps you can get some Benjamin Moore paint to cover up those blemishes so they will be gone from your sight.
Daramar 10 months ago
But the insult to their dignity...They may not forgive....Then again, given typical cat behavior, how could you tell....
Dak 10 months ago
Bob Chiarelli's seat gone to the NDP in Ottawa West-Nepean
Zukasa 10 months ago
Because being bad feels good to some people.
Kajilkree 9 months ago
Was. Not is. Keep that in mind, please. Marriage is a man-made institution, and as such can be changed by man.
Shashura 9 months ago
Maybe they can crowd fund it. Why are you stuck on central banking being necessary for a government to function?
Shakar 9 months ago
Burden of proof of ownership is on them.
Nejinn 9 months ago
Familiar with Egyptologist Dr. David Rohl? The Hebrews were in Egypt for centuries before they suddenly left, the exodus.
Jugor 9 months ago
Public school districts may be obligated to provide busing for private religious school students, because this is considered a right belonging to the child, rather than to the private religious institution.

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