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"In order to understand the basic principle of Diesel engine one needs to learn thermodynamics. 99% of the population didn't do it. The same percentage wouldn't be able to explain the difference between U235 and U238. And even less ever heard of Maxwell's equations without which they cannot understand the principle of electricity generation (or the electromagnetic waves). Therefore all the electric appliances they use, including telephone, is Black Magic for them.."

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Her legs gave way and she virtually collapsed onto her husband's face. It was me or should I say my milk.

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"Just in time", Sauron though. Don't move Jessica he whispers His mouth nibbles up to her ears. "At least he is interested; maybe, just maybe I can postt this thing thi a reality" he thought.

He said, "We will stand down if you will promise to negotiaite with me on some terms. "I'm sorry Gayle, I have to. Her hand ran up his knee almost to his crotch which was a massive sexual advancement coming from her. 00 for the night. I knew what was in store, I read tons brive books and I had my vivid imagination.

Realizing you must be more tired that you thought. Who am I kidding; of course she would do that. She got off and lay on her back again, she was tired and wanted me to fuck her again.

Then you began to thrust into me hard and fast. It seemed to take forever but he finally managed to get all tgai and a half inches into me and he paused there again it felt like his dick should be touching my ribs and I could feel his sack touching mine.

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Terg 1 year ago
Trust me, if the government wanted to, they would mow you down. Your AR 15 that you use for "hunting" isn't going to save your @ss!
Zulugis 1 year ago
I don't think that Nazareth existing makes Christianity true, though maybe you'll agree that it's better to try to find the most common ground possible to sort out more important issues. It's a bit like the anti-evolution wing on the religious side - the evidence is already considerably one-sided in favor of evolution, and both sides could agree on evolution and still differ on religious/non-religious world-views, yet some just won't let it go.
Samur 1 year ago
So, weve gone from having a discussion about Islam, to "suffering fools" to "you hate Islam"
Kalar 1 year ago
What is the purpose?
Arashigal 1 year ago
That's a tough call. While I agree with you about the lawsuit (see my other comment about negligence) the place where the people were going down was not a propper enterance for the park. Could you argue that reasonable care was taken with the park
Faugar 1 year ago
Cool. It's like you're stuttering, except with gifs. Or maybe gif tourettes.
Mugami 1 year ago
Yeah, it's not like France or the UK have any sort of military and after all, military is the only thing that counts?
Zolozilkree 11 months ago
PS Don?t call me ?cuz!? Yikes, that would be awful. Ha!
Dokasa 11 months ago
If you enjoy pathetic gossip, why do you get triggered when your past is exposed?
Kenos 11 months ago
"Freedom loving people" I'm pretty sure they've lived in Utah since the founding of the country.
Mikatilar 11 months ago
The book says the book is true. The book is true. Therefore my specific god.
Tygozshura 11 months ago
Goltizuru 11 months ago
Thank you for your response and I have carefully considered your reply and scriptures quoted. It occurs to me that we are looking at Jesus with different glasses. Everyone has biases it appears that you are looking at Jesus with the pre-supposition that He isn?t God. I, on the other hand, am looking at Jesus with the assumption that He is, indeed, the second person of the Trinity.
Akizil 10 months ago
LOL I was going to add that... did you see her tweet to the actor who plays the kid [I forgot his name.. Brandon maybe??]. She was tew tew hawt.
Tygorn 10 months ago
Nigerians are small in numbesr and tend to be in high skill level jobs. I know plenty of them. Many work in industry as accountants and engineers etc. But since you deny racism. Many of them will tell you that racism is even worse for them. They work in jobs that demand their skills. But as they tell me, they can never be in charge or rise to the top. Why? Because they are black and foreign.
Dousida 10 months ago
You never said that in our conversation..... I think the leftist brain cancer has become terminal in you.
Akizshura 10 months ago
No you did not.
Najora 10 months ago
No civilian goes around saying they want a Purple Heart. You can't say he paid a doctor either. Back then many joined the National Guard so they wouldn't go overseas.
Shaktijora 9 months ago
So much Winning. - For Dems, 'blue wave' is now a trickle @CNNI
Dusida 9 months ago
I don't think you have anything to worry about.
Mezitilar 9 months ago
Like I said, you don't seem to understand the science. It still beats, "I don't know therefore god".
Gardabar 9 months ago
Son, Christians wrote the US Constitution. Just saying, that's historical fact, so I can't imagine what you mean by "Now you've insinuated yourselves..."

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